Allow myself to introduce … myself.

I’m Todd Zolecki and I joined MLB.com on Feb. 2 after spending more than nine years at The Philadelphia Inquirer. I’ll be covering the Phillies for MLB.com, which means I’m headed to Clearwater on Thursday to cover spring training. Once I return to Philly on April 2, I’ll be following the team throughout the season and into the off-season.

I’ve been covering the Phillies since April 2003, and I’m excited about the opportunity to cover them for MLB.com. I’m also excited that I’m back blogging. I’ve been blogging about the Phillies since April 2007, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I’m especially thrilled that I have a relatively decent headshot on this page. For those of you who saw my previous headshot on my previous blog, yes, I’m aware it was bad (friends and family kindly reminded me of this on a weekly basis). I’m hoping the improved headshot is a sign of good things to come. I think it is.

I hope you bookmark this page and make yourself a regular visitor. I’ll be providing news and analysis as much as humanly possible. I also plan to have a little fun, too. This is baseball, right? It’s supposed to be fun, isn’t it?

Feel free to contact me. I’m always open to suggestions.


Welcome to MLBlogs, Todd. Hope you’ll enjoy your time here.

Glad to have your MLBlog up and running! Welcome to MLBlogs.


Hey Todd! Welcome to MLBlogs! I very much enjoyed your blog with The Inquirer and am looking forward to this one. Congrats on the position and best wishes! I’ll see you in Clearwater :O)


Welcome to MLBlogs! I’m sure you’ll like it here!


Hi Todd! I’ll be looking forward to reading your Spring Training reports (wishing I could be there!). Yes, baseball should be fun! That’s why my blog is, shall we say, not so serious🙂 .
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

Cool beans! I’m a “groupie” from the Zo Zone at the Inky and am glad you have a new blog at your new gig.

Hey, welcome to the neighborhood. Say hi to Charlie Manuel for me! I look forward to your entries.

Take care,


Found you. At some point, it would be nice to see how Pat likes his new place. Good Luck.

Welcome to mlblogs! I wish I could be down in spring training too, and good luck to your Phillies, we’ll definitely be seeing a lot of you pretty soon!


Hey there,

I think I saw you during the World Series in the hallway near the locker rooms. I read some of your stuff during the series and loved the way you write. Great to have a qualified guy on MLBlogs.com who has a special insight to the World Championship.

I will see you maybe in Clearwater, Florida during Spring Training, since it is my hometown. I will make sure to say Hello if I see you at Bright Huose Networks Feild during the Rays vs. Phillies matchup on February 28th.

Rays Renegade


I’ve updated my bookmarks and everything. So long, Philly.com…

Finally the Zo Zone is back (although the phils had pretty good luck with the other name….). Glad you are back blogging Zo, and yes the pic is a lot better than the philly.com one………

Welcome back Zo! I was there when you created the original Zo Zone. Hopefully you won’t have to change it right when it comes really popular to The MLB Zone or something stupid like that.

Just 2 more days till Pitchers and Catchers!!!

– Sully

The Zo Zone is back…just on a different site. Glad you were able to get a blog on MLB.com too Todd. The boys at WSBGM’s are always fans of yours.

Glad to see the ZoZone back up and running. Look forward to your posts. Hopefully we’ll get the rest of the gang (well, most of them) to visit daily. Best wishes on the new gig.

It’s good to see the Zo Zone resurrected. I think you provide a great behind the scenes look at the Phillies.

But the real question is will the airlines still loose your bags now that you are with mlb?

Zo!! Good to have you back man! I am DebinDixie at Philly.com and I have read your blog everyday since it started. I love how you are honest but not given to hysteria. I look forward to reading you here, especially since the Phillies Zone has been mostly empty since you left! When you come to the ATL to cover a Braves/Phillies series, love to buy you a beverage of your choice!

Could not possibly be happier about “The Triumphant Return of ‘The Zo Zone'”! Hopefully, it’ll be somewhere over at philly.com, so that all the other loyal readers can find this, too!

Todd, you can thank Jeff Gross for putting this blog in a comment on High Cheese. I think they will regret letting that one slip by!!! I was getting sick of the monotony over at philly.com. Now, all Phillies Phans can get news from a level-headed source who doesn’t have his own agenda. I loook forward to checking this blog as well as your articles and interviews every day!!! God bless you in your new endeavors.

YAY!!! The ZoZone is back!!!

Recognize a lot of names……Karen, Davegas, Jimmymack…..I’m sure there’s more. Haven’t read everything, yet.

Now I have to figure out how to change my screen name, so folks will know it’s me! LOL!


Nice Austin Powers reference… although you also could have gone with Stepbrothers… “I’m Todd, but you can call me Dragon.”

Welcome. Seems Mark has jipped (sp???) you thought, by not even letting you be a “PRO” blog. 😉🙂

Good luck.

Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

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