50 Days in Clearwater

Luggage1.jpgIt’s good to see people already finding the blog. From what I’m told, we’re going to be rolling out the beat writer blogs en masse later this week (i.e. they’ll be featured more prominently on team pages, etc.). Until then, spread the word.

I’m flying to Clearwater tomorrow morning and I’ll back in the baseball routine Friday before pitchers and catchers report Saturday. But right now I’m trying to get my life in order before I leave. And pack. That’s no easy task.

Yes, I’m in Clearwater the entire time, so I’ll be blogging from Feb. 12 through April 2, when the Phillies play their last Grapefruit League game. Check here regularly for news, notes, analysis and shenanigans. You know, the usual stuff.

I’m still trying to learn the blogging software, too, so hang with the hiccups. I’ll get through them. I promise.

I just realized that I’ll be in Clearwater for 50 days.

Not bad, huh?

Grouper sandwiches at Frenchy’s. Breakfast at Lenny’s. Sushi at Kiku. Island Way Grill. Palm Pavilion.

That said, I’ll miss my bed.

(But I am bringing the Wii.)


Todd, I hope you’re allowed to keep it real and be funny like you were on your past 2 blogs. I’ve always enjoyed your stuff, and look forward to your gained exposure on MLB.com.

I can just imagine Zo dominating Wii Baseball after a long day of spring training-watching and blogging. Or is he more of a golf guy?

Hi Todd. Thanks for the one on one time today. I posted the link to your new blog on the Cheeseman’s blog, so expect the regulars to slowly wander in, unless, like me, they can’t post from work.

Keep us informed like you did last year and all will be great. BTW: why miss your bed? Just find someone else’s to keep warm.

Todd, great to see you up and blogging again!! BTW, why does MLB.com think that it is okay to list people’s e-mail addresses. They have all our information. Why is the default setting for people who post a comment set to show our e-mail addresses and NOT our first names?? This is strike one for MLB.com!!

Thank God you got to keep your original name back. Conventional thinking that required you to change the name of the blog at the Inq will ultimately sink that ship.

I look forwarding to reading you this summer in different virtual location.

Cheers- Colin

Great to see you back, Todd. Nice new digs — blog looks very sharp already.

ehhomsher, I agree. I was shocked after my first post showed my full e-mail address. Hopefully this one shows my screen name. btw, you apparently can’t have duplicates, so everyone will have to add a number to the end (strike 2).

Zo, I went to Backwaters in Clearwater beach last year, definitely add that to your list. I wish I could make it down again, maybe next year!


sully and ehhomer, if you go into your account settings (on mlb.com), under personal info there is a spot that you can change your nickname (since you don’t have one yet, changing will create it). once you do that, log off and then log back on. then your nickname will appear instead of your email.

Can’t wait for the season to start. Team looks like its good shape for a great year.

I can actually post from work now!! YEAH!! thank G-d teh tech guy here is a baseball fan (even if he does root for the Damned Yankees

Fan in Jerusalem aka Jeff G/jimmymack/Deb in Dixie/all other former ZoZone fans….its karen s aka kas62. Glad to see the faithful trickling over to mlb. Where’s Norma & Truth?

saw Truth in Cheeseman’s blog yeaterday and passed the link on to Norma via FB. Hope they get here soon. What’s up karen??

Good to see you posting again, Zo. BTW, your new picture sucks as bad as your OLD one from the Inq! Just kidding. I look forward to your reports from Clearwater.

Welcome back Jeff, glad to se your IT guy helped you out. And nice to see Deb and Karen found their way, gotta get Norma and John in LA on board. Still trying to talk my spouse into Clearwater again, I went a little over on a car purchase and she is still mad at me and said it was my spring training money…LOL. Seems like good news on Chase, hope he doesn’t over do it. And hoping for a big year from Myers in his “contract” year.

Hi all your Phillie Zone regulars! Thanks to reading this thread I learned that I could change my nickname to the same as it is on there! Whoo! But what is weird, in my profile on MLB.com, when I try and select my favorite team, player and least favorite team, it says it saves it but then when I preview it, it doesn’t appear! Weirdness! I guess they are still getting the kinks out!

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