Church to Phillies: "We're Coming."

The Phillies’ brass is still meeting, which has allowed me time to do something I’m sure some of you have done on occasion: surf the Internets and check out the Google. Thankfully, I came across this interesting quote from Mets outfielder Ryan Church (via The Fightins via the New York Daily News):

“Hey, they won the World Series. More power to them,” Church told the Daily News. “There’s only a big bull’s-eye on their back. We’re coming.”


Let the games begin!

I expect the new found rivalry to reach new heights in 2009. Should be a lot of fun. I just hope it turns out a little different.

Does this moron still have a concussion?

Snicker…yeah…go ahead and “bring it”. They still have some mighty big questions in their rotation and bullpen and didn’t really do much to upgrade the offense either. Yes, they have a great closer now and some bullpen additions. But is that enough? It should be fun. God, I love to hate the Mutts!

Worked, Karen! Again…Thanks!


BTW……Who stole my *nickname*???? I had to add the L. LOL!

Oooop! One more thing…….
Great news about Chase in the Inky today. I also found it online. With video! Check it out……..

Good thing Church found the bulls-eye. I was afraid that his blurred vision wouldn’t let him see us clearly.

Deb….When you changed your profile on, did you click on *add* next to your favorite, least favorite, team etc.? Then of course, you had to click on *save changes* at the very bottom.

once a mutt always a mutt. Only bulls eye is Ruiz’s glove for Cole’s pitch

Ryan Church should just worry about trying to stay on the field for a change.

Church forget the rest of the sentence…”in second place again”. Good to see ya made it Norma.

Good thing Church isn’t showing any signs of concussions! His numbers are going to be great in helping the Mets to take the division title! But, all bias aside, I’m excited for the Phillies-Mets rivalry this year. May the best team win!

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