Gillick Likes The Phils' Chances

pat gillick.jpgPat Gillick
, who is serving as an advisor to new general manager Ruben Amaro Jr., met with reporters for about 30 minutes today at Bright House Field, and touched on a variety of topics:

On the Phillies’ chances to defend their World Series championship: “I think we’ve got a good chance.”

On the off-season Amaro had: “I think he’s had a good off-season. Keeping the club together and adding a couple guys, (Raul) Ibanez, Chan Ho Park, etc., I think that’s going to help. Basically, it looks like a club that’s together for a couple, three years, for sure.”

On the Phillies’ estimated record $131.5 million payroll: “It says we’ve got good players. There was a feeling the Phillies wouldn’t pay. I think if the Phillies have talent and the players warrant being rewarded, they’ll pay. It’s just the fact that you want to make sure you hopefully reward the right players.”

On possibly being a GM again, despite his recent retirement: “You never say never, I guess. You don’t know, you know? I think I’d rather do it if something popped up like president of the baseball-side, if they had a split operation of business and baseball, and have a GM working under me. I wouldn’t ever say never.”

On if he thought the Phillies could sign Ryan Howard to a multiyear contract extension: “I would have been pessimistic, but I think three weeks ago Ruben was optimistic we could do something. He had a good feeling about it.”

On if he pushed to sign Ibanez: “Yeah, I did. He fits in our clubhouse. He’s a very positive guy in the clubhouse. He’s probably going to hit for more power in our ballpark than he hit in Seattle. Fundamentally, he’s a very sound player that makes very few mistakes. And he’s a hard worker, maybe to the point where he wants to be perfectionist. He brings a very, very positive approach to the clubhouse. I think he’s going to do well here.”

On if the Phillies could have signed Ibanez for less than the three-year, $31.5 million contract they gave him had they waited: “The Cubs were in it pretty thick. … I don’t think he would have been (available had they waited). The Cubs were searching for lefthanded hitting.”

On if he thought Pat Burrell‘s time had run out in Philadelphia: “We tried during the season to really bring Pat back. I think they had a little more grandeur than we did. We would have brought Pat back, but I think their thinking at that time was a little different than it actually ended up (two-year, $16 million with Tampa Bay). I think their expectation level was a little higher. … We were in different areas. … They were looking for a longer deal than we wanted to do. The length was more of the problem.”

I’ll have more of what Gillick had to say online later.


I’ll be curious to see what else Gillick says about Burrell. It really seems, from a fans view, that this was more of Amaro trying to make his own mark on the team, than anything to do with Pat. I like Ibanez too, but it is sad to part with Burrell after so long.


I agree. I thought that little snippet, about Pat, was a little rambling, on Gillick’s part. Maybe he was caught off-guard.

The last piece of dignity they gave Pat was to ride at the front of the parade. We will never know the true story unless Pat spills his side and I would think Pat has more class than that. Getting Ibanez on this team was a thank you to Gillick. Burrell could have taken a dollar a year and this team would not sign him and everyone knows it. So both sides are happy, Pat lives close to home, doesn’t have to worry about running in the outfield, and the Phillies still need a right handed bat. Time will tell if Ibanez is the man or not.

It seems as if we’re being told athat during the season teh Phils were willing to bring him back, but couldn’t agree on a price. During the off season, do to the arbitration rules, and Pat’s mis-reading of the market the Phils realized they could get better (or at least different) for same money and decided to move on. Interesting to notice that the cubs were looking for LH hitting. They settled for Bradly. NOt a great leftie by any means

Pat said, in a post-season interview, that the Phils only talked to him once about staying. Pretty clear message. Too bad.

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