We Have Landed

OK, I’m in Clearwater.

Flight arrived on time. Bags showed up. So far so good. We’ll be blogging at full speed (whatever that means) come tomorrow. But today it will be an abbreviated version because by the time I arrived most of the players had gone. But the Phillies brass is upstairs right now at Bright House Field holding a meeting where they go over every player in camp. This meeting lasts several hours, and nothing really interesting comes from it. But what is interesting is that Pat Gillick is here. We’re going to try to get a few minutes with him after the meeting breaks. I’m curious to see what he thought of Ruben Amaro Jr.‘s first off-season.


Todd, glad to hear the flight was on time. I dont know if you are folowing Dave’s blog at the DN, but the argument of the day is if we paid too much for Ibanez. Would you please try to explain to people that by signing him early, even at more money, they allowed themselves to formulate a budget thus allowing them to sign all the arbitration guys to multi-year contracts. Also, remind them that Dunn and Bradley are both getting the same $10 million a year Ibanez is getting, and that he is/was by far teh best all around corner OF on the market.
Thanks for the help

YAY!!! The ZoZone is back!!!

Recognize a lot of names……Karen, Davegas, Jimmymack…..I’m sure there’s more. Haven’t read everything, yet.

Karen….I knew it was you, from your; “Cool beans”! LOL!

Now I have to figure out how to change my screen name, so folks will know it’s me!


of course we now it’s you norma, it says so. I’s your favorite FB guy btw

norma: you’ll need to log on to mlb.com. then go to “my account” and you’ll see a link for “nickname preferences”. You can then change it whatever “alias” you would like. Glad to see you’ve finally made it to the new ZoZone. I’m so looking forward to the 2009 Phils season!

Welcome Norma! I followed the directions Karen gave (Karen, why aren’t you Karen A?) and I was able to change my nickname from Dainga to my DebinDixie. However, I still can’t get it to record my favorite team, player, and least fav team. I also don’t know why they don’t have it so you can click on someone’s name in the comments and see their profile. Or why in my profile I can’t pick this blog as my favorite. Oh well.

Debindixie….mlb doesn’t allow a space btwn karen and the “a” for the nickname so I used my initials with yr of birth instead. plus adds a bit more mystery??!

you can use the undescore as a soace like I did. As you can see, I decided to use a screen name this year instead of my full name. A bit more exotic I figure. MLB needs to hire a better consultant for their web site. There’s no link to the blog, and so much more that’s missing. The best off season signing though, was MLB picking up Zo for a few million for a multi year contract

Okay officially change my nickname to Karen62🙂 Agree that the mlb website could use some fine tuning. FIJ/Jeff G like the new screen name….gives the place “class”

I now have an official nick-name. FIJ like it, thanks. I don’t know if I give it class, but I apreciate the compliment. Now, if they’d only put spell check on this thing….lol

Jeff…..That’s why I *signed* my post! FIJ….LOL!

Thanks, Karen!

Hi, Deb!

Maybe make that PIJ? (Phils in Jerusalem)

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