Eaton Knows His Future Is Elsewhere

adam eaton.jpgAdam Eaton
arrived in Clearwater today, ready to pitch for the Phillies.

Except come Opening Day, he won’t be.

He knows that. Ruben Amaro Jr. said last month that the competition for the fifth starter’s job is a four-man race: J.A. Happ, Chan Ho Park, Kyle Kendrick and Carlos Carrasco. Eaton? The man with the three-year, $24.5 million contract? The man who is making $8.5 million this season? He will be in camp, but he is likely to be released before the end of spring training.

Here is some of what Eaton said today:

On Amaro’s comments that the fifth starter’s job is a four-man race: “What I knew already. Obviously, it hasn’t been the best fit here. I haven’t had two good years. I need to establish myself again. It might not be here. It might be somewhere else. It’s nobody’s fault by any means. There’s a lot of pitchers vying for a fifth spot. A couple years ago it was myself and (Jon) Lieber. Stuff happens. Who knows what’s going to happen? Hopefully nothing does happen and it makes it a very difficult decision for them. I’ll just get ready for the season. If it’s a season to be a Phillie, so be it. I’m happy with that. If it’s somewhere else …”

On his chances of breaking camp with the Phillies: “I think the odds on favorite would be going somewhere else. But that is a good thing, too. This isn’t the only place I can pitch. There’s a lot more teams out there that need pitching. I hope to pitch well this spring, whether I make this team or some other team.”

On taking the option to return home to Washington rather then pitch in Clearwater during the National League Division Series. (Players that went to Clearwater rejoined the team to watch the NLCS and World Series from the dugout.): “Let’s be honest here. I didn’t pitch in September. I’m not going to pitch in the postseason. It was a loaded question. Whether I watched it here and continued to work out or I watched it at home, same result. Whether or not they frowned upon my decision, if you didn’t want me to decide that then you shouldn’t have given me the option.”

On that decision being looked at as not supporting his teammates: “It wasn’t just that question. It was an accumulation of things to lead to that point. If I’m there, I don’t want to detract from what’s going on. I don’t need to be an extra guy around. … There’s differences to each side of the story. I haven’t heard of any gripes amongst guys or anything like that. I don’t think they have an opinion, and if they do I hope they come express them to me.”

On if he wants to hear from Amaro or Charlie Manuel or somebody about where he stands: “I think everybody needs to know where they stand. I have an idea where I stand, just from hearing about what you guys write about. Obviously, if they want to trade they’re going to want to get me out there (and pitch this spring).”

On if he is disappointed with what has been said: “Obviously, there are a lot of things that can happen. For me it’s well known that I’m not in the mix to make this team. At the same time a lot of things can happen. I’m not going to shortchange myself or my teammates now, or my teammates in the future. This is my career. This is what I love to do. So I’m going to prepare myself, whether it’s to be a Phillie or not.”

On if he will wear his World Series ring: “Why wouldn’t I? Obviously, a lot of peole get them that didn’t compete. But definitely if I were to win another one and I competed I think that one would be more satisfying.”

On his absence from the World Series parade: “I think if I was invited I probably would have shown up.”


Eaton is so warm & fuzzy?!? Good luck in your next gig….the neighborhood softball league.

Does Eaton accept Paypal? If so, perhaps we could all chip in and buy him a clue. “if you didn’t want me to decide that then you shouldn’t have given me the option.” Geez, Adam , which option do you think was the right one? “If they want to trade…” did you not get the news that nobody wanted to trade for you? He just doesn’t get it.

Ouch! He wasn’t even invited to the WS parade?! Wonder if that was punishment for not going to Clearwater? Even Taguchi got to be in the parade! And he contributed nothing during the season.

I agree with Eaton, that whatever the reason, it wasn’t a good fit with the Phils. I wish him luck.

Adam Eaton must be a comedian, because he actually thinks what he does is “pitching” and they he could do so for another team…what a riot!

One more thing, when I read the title to this post, I thought it said “Eaton Knows His Failure Is Elsewhere”…the minds sees what it wants to I suppose.

Wow. It’s hard to believe a guy that was so ineffective can be so callous and pompous. Any sympathy I had for the guy just went out the window.

hey now, don’t short change Taguchi. He did hit that double at Shea that either scored the tying or go ahead run in a nice come back win. Eaton is a thief though.

Nothing to say about Eaton (what is there to say about the bum?); just wanted to say hi to everyone. Long time reader, but never got into commenting…figured now that we’re all starting fresh on I’d give it a shot! Looking forward to critiquing the ’09 season with you fine people!

I don’t hate Eaton to the point of wishing him lead shoes and if he never pitches again, he’s set for life. You can do a lot with 24 mil including buying a UPS franchise and retiring. The best for Eaton and the Phillies is a change of scenery and it should happen sooner than later. Release him outright and move on to minimize the distraction.

Special mention to Phillies fans for their “Eva! Eva!” chants in my Valentine’s Day article on homepage:


Hey Todd,
Glad to see you got the Zo Zone going again! Good move on your part, going from a dying entity (the Inky) to a thriving one: mlb.

Good luck with the blog and Let’s Go Phils! Repeat in ’09!

Oh, and good-bye Eaton.

Do you think the Phillies will try and trade him, or just release him and eat the contract.

I always say it is a good thing if you have to trade a middle of the road starter, it means your youth is finally coming into maturity for your club. Eaton had a 6 plus ERA, in that division that is not the cure to wuns, even if you play in hitter friendly Citizens Bank Ballpark.

Rays Renegade

Anybody else having problems with the *sign in* page? I love the site, but it’s a pain to have to sign in a couple times during the day. And the sign in page takes forever to load. Plus… I never sign out.


Jimmymack dragged me over from the Inky, looking forward to joining the fray. Can somebody tell me how to get a username???

John in LA

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