Breaking News: Hamels to Start Opening Day!

OK, this isn’t exactly breaking news.

In fact, anybody could have guessed that Cole Hamels would be the Phillies’ Opening Day starter, but Charlie Manuel figured he might as well make it official today anyway.

“Yeah, you might as well go ahead and pencil him in,” Manuel said after today’s workout at the Carpenter Complex. “There’s no sense in me bull (bleeping). I don’t think there’s any sense in me playing games. Go ahead, pencil him in.”


Oh, BIG surprise!!! LOL!

You got to like it when someone can state the obvious!


Zo, obviously it’s all the rage in Clearwater to show up with less baggage. Myers loses 30, Howard 20, and Scott Eyre 10. One question. Joe Blanton?

Boy, if these sign in problem aren’t resolved soon, I may lose interst in this blog!

Got an *internal error* message this time. And not the first time.

Todd……PLEASE get this fixed!!!!

I agree Norma! I’ve had problems with the sign-in at home & work.

Great to see Howard & Myers looking in better shape….hopefully that translates into another great season.

MLB TV had on the 2006 HR Derby…..Howard vs. Wright (Mutts) It was sweet watching it again. Howard put on quite a show.

Wow, what a shocking development. Haha. Oh well, could’ve been a slow news day.

Back to you, Leslie!

Who did you think it would be?

Hey all. Great seeing you all again. John in LA, long time etc. So, since we all know who starts opening night, I’m wondering who starts game 5??

Ano guesses as to oepening day batting orders? Assume that Utley and Feliz are both in the lineup.

Have fun

I need some help. I’m trying to get together a fantasy team of only ex-Phils, or ex-Phillies prospects. Anyone care to suggest a 1B or ****? Any other suggestios are welcome.


Wow, I”ll bet Eaton is really bummed out, he probably thought he had it locked up.

Wow! I’m shocked! Not about Hamels starting, but the fact that I could sign in with NO problems!!!!
Jeff….Funny you should ask what we thought the Opening Day lineup would look like. I just had a dream last night, where all I remember is seeing the lineup card. It was all mixed up! With Chase batting 6th! Guess Charlie didn’t trust Chase’s hip. LOL!
Seriously, I can’t see much change. They were pretty successful with the lineup they had last year. Only difference is Ibanez, rather than Burrell, and I already read that Chuck thought he’d bat him 5th. Pat’s old spot.

Hamels against Lowe again, I’ll bet. I was at the last matchup in October.

Matt Holliday is a Cardinal…

Buster Olney called that this morning, even having the details of the money transaction to help pay Holliday’s salary. He also said that he is certain that the Phillies will deal for Halladay, for what that’s worth. The Jays scouted Drabek the other night and they are scouting Carrasco, Taylor and Marson at LV tonight.

I don’t understand why they would consider Martinez over Happ tomorrow (see attached link). Happ should not lose a turn considering how he has pitched recently. Pedro should get one more rehab assignment today or tomorrow in the minors and pitch this weekend against Atlanta. I don’t think it’s that hard to figure out.

• “It’s not very hard to figure out when you suck like I do. Everything I did went wrong.”
– Billy Wagner

• “I don’t think you can ever brush those games off. It’s tough to swallow when you know you had this game and it slips away.”
– Billy Wagner

• “Just about everything I did was wrong, Situation like that you’ve got to make pitches. They’re scrappy. They find a way to do it. You can’t give them opportunities to do it and that’s exactly what I did.”
– Billy Wagner

• “Any loss is tough, but it was a good ballgame. It was going to come down to one hit and who could get that one run across and they got it. They had been struggling just as bad as we were to get that run. It was a good pitch… I mean it was a really, really, really good pitch.”
– Billy Wagner

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