Better Than Alyssa?

alyssa milano.jpgWe started The Zo Zone last Tuesday, and it already has moved to No. 11 on’s pro blog rankings (which tabulated page views from Feb. 5 to 15). That’s nice to hear because it means many of you have found the blog, but what I really thought was interesting about those rankings was that Alyssa Milano‘s blog ranked 12th.

Yep, The Zo Zone outranks Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa might have fame, fortune, etc., but at least I can say my blog outranked her blog once in my life. Of course, she’s only updated her blog twice since Oct. 30, so I’ll probably have to put my tail between my legs once she cranks it back up. But if she ever wants to discuss blogging, I’d be more than happy to sit down and talk to her about it.

(Yes, these rankings were an easy excuse to get Alyssa’s picture up on the blog.)


You at least have to include her good-luck visit to the Phillies last summer that catapulted them toward a title:


I have to say Zo, that as much as I love your writing, I wish you looked like her!🙂

Whoa! Thought I was on the wrong blog for a second!
The ladies on the blog want some beefcake put up! With his 30 lb. wt. loss, Meyers looked pretty hot in a pic in the Inky the other day. You could start with him.

Todd, I’ve been giving your blog daily plugs on my blog (which you kindly link to the right- We Should Be GM’s), and I gotta say, you’re the best Phils writer hands down.

Hey Norma, speak for yourself! This lady is very happy with the pic provided of Alyssa! Drool…. 🙂

Oh geez. That’s the first time I’ve seen or heard Brett Myers described as “hot”.
I agree with debindixie about Ayssa, although I suspect we are coming from different perspectives.

Sorry, Deb! SOME of the ladies want beefcake. LOL!

Hey, Norma, I’m all for equal opportunity. Let’s get some nice beefcake and let’s keep up with the ladycake.🙂

And phan52, I don’t think we are coming from such different perspectives…you like the female form, I like the female form. You’d like to get nekked with her, I’d like to get nekked with her…see..? So much alike.

In a serious mode though, any of you folks coming down to Atlanta this year? The Braves play the Phillies 9 times, their games never sell out, the tickets and concessions are reasonable and with the economy in the tank, airfares between ATL and PHL are very affordable. Even with an airplane ticket, still probably cheaper to see the Phils down here than up there! So come on down!

Yo, Deb…I’m going to be at the “Ring Cermony” game, when the Phils play the Braves. Why don’t you come up here?! Although I’ll admit, you’ll probably never get a seat!

Zo, you win in the substance category. But I would much rather *touch* Alyssa Milano.

You are a much better writer, just not as hot!

Congrats on being no. 11 on the pro blogs. I’m guessing all of the fans of your old blog have found you. Hope you’ll still be that far up in the next rankings.

Todd, I think she might want to meet with you to discuss blog strategy.

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