K-Rod Borrows Line From J-Roll

Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez went to the well yesterday, just like Carlos Beltran did last spring.

K-Rod called the Mets the team to beat in the NL East.

Seriously, again?

“Whatever they did last year, they already got paid,” Rodriguez told the New York Daily News. Whatever they did, I have all the respect in the world. They worked hard and they deserve it. This is a different year and different ballclubs now. I don’t want to make any controversy, but with me and (J.J.) Putz and the additions in the bullpen, I feel like now we are the team to beat.”

Jimmy Rollins should have trademarked the phrase “the team to beat.” He’d be rich … well, richer.


Hey Zo, good to see you pictured on Inky’s website as part of Phil Sheridan’s piece on Romero (pic 2, to the left of Romero). You look so serious!

To your post: Are there any original thoughts coming out of NYC these days? It seems like all the Big Apple can do anymore is rip-off Jimmy Rollins and beg Congress for more money.

Congrats for debuting at No. 11 in the Latest Leaders! And your blog was only active for half of the ranking period.


BTW Cole Hamels already set the stage for 2009 as far as PHI-NYM civic debate. I don’t think it matters much what K-Rod or anyone says after what Hamels threw out there. His comment is the one that we will constantly be reminded of later this year.

As I said yesterday….MLB TV was rerunning the 2006 HR Derby, Howard vs Wright. As we know Howard kicked butt (it was fun to watch again!) I think the same will be true with the 2009 Phillies vs Mutts. GO PHILLIES!!

Yawn. You’d think the Mets could use their super-long off seasons to think up something creative.

Good to see I was able to sign in today. All I can say to the Mets is “bring it”. The Met’s rotation is still suspect except for Santana. And what improvements did they make to the offense?

Same old, same old!

Oh, K-Rod you’re so new to this rivalry that it’s almost endearing. You will quickly learn though.


Maybe the Mets can use some of that $40M from the naming rights to Citi Field and hire a writer who can come up with something more original!

A West coast American Leaguer chimes in. I can’t wait till the first time he pitches in CBP. That’ll be a wake-up call.

I hope that Mets bullpen has June 19-21 circled in red. That’s the only chance they have this season to see if anyone can get Pat the Bat out in a clutch situationđŸ˜‰

This feels like deja vu, all over again.

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