Feliz's Back

Full squad workouts begin tomorrow at the Carpenter Complex, but all 64 players have reported to camp.

Jimmy Rollins was the last to arrive to the Bright House Field clubhouse this morning, just minutes after Greg Dobbs and Shane Victorino.

Pedro Feliz also arrived. He said he feels good after having surgery on his lower back in November. He has not swung a bat since he his game-winning single in Game 5 of the World Series, but said he expects to begin hitting and fielding soon.

“I’ve just been doing exercises and throwing,” Feliz said.

But Feliz said he expects to be ready by Opening Day. In fact, while the Phillies have been cautiously optimistic that Chase Utley could be ready to play the Braves on April 5 at Citizens Bank Park, they seem more certain about Feliz.


Will J-Ro get benched for the first workout? Just kiddin’. Glad to have the band back together.

Now we get to hear/read Uncle Cholly’s speech to the full team.

I wonder if J-Roll hangs out in teh parking lot wating to be the last one in. Wasn’t he last in last year as well? I thik it’s part of his reputation.

Anyone have suggestions as to fanatasy leagues that are free besides MLB.com’s? if so let me know

Why am I not surprised that J.Roll was the last to arrive! But at least he did arrive in time. Good job J.Roll!

At least with Feliz back, Chase won’t be the only one not involved in full drills. Misery loves company.

Whata hoot that J-Roll was the last to arrive. Maybe he likes to make an entrance like a bride…..LOL!!

Glad Feliz has returned and appears to be on the road to Opening Day. Hope Chase can join him.

Also meant to comment that was great to see Todd Z on “DNL” within the last week or so.

As long as he’s the first on the field tomorrow, I don’t care if he was last to arrive today. Where is everybody-you’d think it was a Federal holiday or something

I was wondering the same thing, Jeff! Just you, me and Karen! Oh, and Sully. Sorry, Sully!

Guess we’re the ones with no life. lol!

I have never met anyone that has been better after back surgery, so I have to question how quickly and consistently Pedro can get back to the beginning of last year. I’d bet that Donald would get some playing time that I would not waste on Bruntlett.

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