Myers: "We've Got the Hardware"

Somebody needs to write the Mets some new material.

Jimmy Rollins called the Phillies the team to beat in 2007, and they won the National League East. Carlos Beltran attempt a Rollins in 2008, when he called the Mets the team to beat … except the Phillies successfully defended their division title and won the World Series, while the Mets faded down the stretch for the second consecutive season.

Francisco Rodriguez then called the Mets the team to beat over the weekend. K-Rod later said he wasn’t aware of the Team to Beat history between the Phillies and Mets.

(Pat Riley once trademarked the phrase threepeat. Rollins is a good businessman. I’m surprised he hasn’t trademarked Team to Beat by now.)

“I’m so tired of talking about them,” Brett Myers said today. “I’m just tired of it. They can think what the hell they want, but we’ve got the hardware right now. It’s their job to take it from us. It’s our job to keep it.”

The Fightins have more about it.


I have to agree with Brett. The Mets need to stop saying it and just show it on the playing field. As for F-Rod, next time learn a little history about your new team and their closet rivals before shooting off your mouth.

To K-Rod:
From Phillies fans:


When you sign so many players that let their ego’s get in the way of the team, you will never have the synergy to win. I think that has always been the problem with the Mets. It started with Wagner’s big mouth.

First off, once again had trouble logging in. Come on MLB, get with it!

Secondly, trademarking is a length and expensive proposition. In addition, enforcing it is a ****. And it doesn’t count when someone just says the phrase, it only kicks in if they try to use it for commerical purposes. Nice idea tho.

Wow…I can’t believe the blog just edited out my use of the term Mo Pho.

So basically we have Myers saying he’s had enough of the mutt’s mouthing off, and then he goes and mouths off.

I fully expect teh Mutts to give us a good run, which is great as it makes us a better team. I’m not sure we win the WS last year if we hadn’t had to fight hard all Sept to win the division and enter playoffs on a roll.

AS for K-rod: I can’t wait for his first blown save against us.
Todd, how’s Feliz look on the field after surgery? has he been fielding balls yet?

Dave, just saw your coment about Feliz’s back and Donald. I would like to agree with you, but Donald hasn’t played anny third base except a bit during Fall league in Arizona. I think he’ll make the team if Chase can’t go opening day, but will be in AAA until allstar break at least to learn the ins and outs of 3B. He’s next years starter there. I don’t buy the reports of the Phils planning on turning him int a super utility guy. Seems a bit of a waste of talent

Is it just me, or did Brett seem PO’d about the question even being asked? (Watch the video – he rips of his microphone as he is ending his comments on it) Quick…someone give this guy a greasy steak before he implodes due to lack of nutrition!


I thought one of the reasons we signed Cairo, is because he can cover the whole infield. Put him at 3rd, if for some reason Feliz isn’t ready on Opening Day.

I don’t follow the Flyers all that closely, but was glad to see them whip the Rangers last week. Anytime a Philly team beats a NY team is very sweet!

Karen, I watched that Flyers game (it was broadcasted Nationally) from the second period on. At one point in the 2nd, the flyers scored 4 goals, all back to back. 3 of them went unanswered. And the best part? one of them was when the Rangers were on a 5-3 powerplay!!! It was sweet!

Oh, and just to throw some baseball in here, check out this article by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports on Ryan Howard:

Isn’t the ‘team to beat’, by definition, the last team standing?

Bring it!

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