Burrell Makes Some Adjustments

Pat Burrell is in Tampa Bay Rays camp, and the former Phillies leftfielder talked about the adjustments he is facing.

One of those adjustments is being a DH.

“I haven’t done a whole lot of it,” Burrell said. “I’m trying to talk to as many guys as I can about that, trying to get the right mind-set. The whole deal is getting comfortable. Spring Training is a good time for that. And I haven’t spoken to [Rays manager] Joe [Maddon] too much about it. But it looks like that’s what I’m going to be doing most of my time. It’s something I’ve got to work on and get comfortable with.”


The Phillies completed their first full squad workout today. Charlie Manuel said Chase Utley has moved past Pedro Feliz in terms of being ready for Opening Day. Utley is taking fielding practice and taking swings off the practice tee. Feliz is doing neither, but could be throwing in a few days.

The uncertainty surrounding Utley and Feliz means camp should be especially interesting for Eric Bruntlett, Jason Donald, Marcus Giles and Miguel Cairo. Only Bruntlett is guaranteed a spot on the team, but the other three could be needed to fill the void if Utley and/or Feliz aren’t ready to start the season.


Manuel won’t be at tomorrow’s workout. He’s flying to Colorado to attend the funeral of Giants scout Ted Uhlaender. They played together in the Minnesota Twins organization.


Mike Schmidt is in camp, and will meet with reporters tomorrow morning.


The Phillies are being fitting for tuxedo’s tomorrow for a photo shoot Friday with the World Series trophy. The photo will appear in Phillies magazine.


Here’s an entertaining exchange between Larry Bowa and Brad Penny.


I was never a Pat basher (to the point of booing and abusing him at the stadium), but I was always bothered by his inconsistency. I think he may continue those problems as a DH, but I wish him well. He went out with a bang!

You should definately check out the link on the Larry Bowa/Brad Penny thing. It is a fun read. I have to say in the past I liked Bowa, but after this, I think he’s kind of goober.

I’ve seen a couple of interviews with Pat. He DOES seem uncomfortable. Gotta be really weird for him.

On a brighter note……It was great to see Chase participate in ALL the workouts, except hitting. And even then, he was hitting off the tee. Good sign! It’s going to be a lot harder to replace Chase, offensively at least, than Feliz.

Can’t wait to see the boys in their tuxes! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Just read the Bowa/Penny link. “Entertaining” is an understatement, Todd!
Wouldn’t Bowa have felt like an a**, if Penny had nice things to say about him?
Then again, probably not.

Todd I live in Illinois and read your column on line every day. I’m starting my 54th year as “The world’s greatest PhilliePhan.” My question concerns our catching. I have seen Ronny Paulino play in Pittsburgh and he is a better hitter than either Ruiz or Coste. Much better defensively than people think. How do you see his role.? If Ruiz again struggles offensively, do you think he can get the majority of PT? What happens then with Coste? If we fail to sign a RH bat off bench, could we then keep 3 catchers and use Coste primarily as a PH?

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