Coste In The Fold

The Phillies have agreed to terms on a split contract with catcher Chris Coste.

A source said Coste will make $460,000 in the majors, and $249,000 in the minors.

Everybody on the 40-man roster has signed other than Carlos Ruiz, Ronny Paulino and Mike Zagurski.


Wow. Wonder if his time in the majors will be off the bench, or as back-up for Ruiz. I guess both.

It was great to see Chase participate in ALL the workouts, except hitting. And even then, he was hitting off the tee. Good sign! It’s going to be a lot harder to replace Chase, offensively at least, than Feliz.

I think this is an insult to Coste. I’d love to make $249,000 in a demotion but I’m not a major league baseball player. In a season when the Phillies will have a payroll of over $130 million, was it necessary to to give Coste a contract where he makes less in the minors?? $211K is a rounding error in that budget.

Adam Eaton didn’t make less in the minors last year.

From everything I have read and seen, Coste is the kind of player we should be proud to have as a Phillie. I just hope he plays well and gets to keep his higher salary (which is probably the lowest on the team).

Wonder why they haven’t signed Ruiz yet? I hope Coste can rebound and continue his role along side Ruiz.

Coste and Paulino may both make the opening day roster. That would allow them to use Coste as a pinch hitter. They need a righthanded bat on the bench.

This also sounds like they are setting this up for a trade. An insurance policy would be nice also.

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