These Are Your Phillies

The Phillies could use another lefthander in their bullpen, but the Phillies won’t be signing one of the remaining free agent lefthanders on the market like Joe Beimel and Will Ohman.

“They’re available, but we’re not on them,” Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “At some point you have to call off the jam and go with the people that you have.”

So even if they remain unsigned a couple weeks from now and their asking price drops considerably?

“Unless the demand is tremendously modest,” Amaro said. “And I don’t see that happening.”

The Phillies have an estimated Opening Day payroll of $131.5 million. I spoke with Phillies president David Montgomery yesterday about how the Phillies were able to spend so much money while the country is reeling in a recession. He made a great point. The Phillies were very fortunate to win the World Series in 2008 because it allowed them to keep spending — despite the economic madness around them.

I also think it could set them up nicely the next few years, too. While other teams might be taking a big financial hit in 2009, which means they could be spending even less in 2010 and 2011, the Phillies should do quite well. Of course, they need to keep winning. But there is no reason to think Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels, Brad Lidge and others aren’t in the primes of their careers, and can’t keep returning to the postseason the next few years.


From the feeling I get, I think it is unlikely Nomar Garciaparra joins the Phillies.

“I really don’t have a timetable,” Amaro said. “We talked to him a few weeks ago. We talked to him fairly recently. He isn’t quite ready to make a decision yet.”


FYI, check out this article by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports on Ryan Howard:

Also, FYI, FoxSports has their 1st Power Ranking up and the Phils are 3d over all the 1st in the NL. The Mutts are 5th over all and second in the NL.

Deb: Thanks for the article on Ryan Howard. It’s great to see how hard he working to improve his play and that he wants to be a better all-around player.

According to Charlie, it looks like the starting line-up will mirror last season’s…..

Rollins, Victorino, Utley, Howard. With Ibanez or Werth 5th. And then, I assume, 3rd base, catcher, pitcher.

But who knows how that will look at the beginning of the season, if Chase and/or Pedro isn’t ready on Opening Day.

Getting pretty excited over here!

My money is on Howard 4th, Werth 5th, Ibanez 6th.
Werth has a little better OPB and Ibanez more RBI potential.
Plus you don’t necessarily want 3 LH (Chase, Howard, Ibanez) followed by 3 RH (Werth, Feliz, Ruiz)

sully….I thought the same thing, about breaking up the lefties. Seems like a no-brainer. But I’m not the manager. Darn!

If this team can stay healthy, they are going to be scary offensively. They don’t appear to be resting on their laurels.
The only problem I have is Romero. They may need another lefthander before they break camp. I don’t think they should use Happ in that role. If he’s not the #5 starter he should get his innings at AAA.


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