Hamels Gets SI Cover

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Cole Hamels appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated next week.


Way cool!

But I wonder how long and how may times he needed to pose before the final cover was chosen?

Well deserved honor…. but I could do without the taint display.

Yo, Todd, I beat you to it. I posted about this in the last post!

Very impressed that he got a six page spread. I don’t think the whole team got a six page spread when they won the WS!

I do have a little issue of SI calling him the WS *hero* on the cover.

MVP? Yes. Hero? I don’t think so. There were LOTS of heroes in the WS!

But I guess that sells magazines.

4 minutes to log in, I thought maybe I was mistaken and was trying to log into the FBI mainframe…LOL. Good to see the boys get their props, let’s hope these distractions let them get their work done. Jose Reyes is distracted by the Phillies getting on him about pimping his home runs ….are the Phillies in the Mets heads or what?

Jimmymack – Let me know if this continues to be a problem: todd.zolecki@mlb.com.


Jimmy..And everybody, else! Here’s my log-in tips from the previous post. Hope it helps…..

“I’ve had slightly less log-in problems than I had in the past.
Definitely, unclick the mlb email box at the bottom. That seemed to help a little.
But something else I discovered……If it’s taking a while for the log-in page to load, just wait a short while, then hit the back arrow to return to the blog. It *usually* has you logged in. If not, and you have to click the log-in button again, it usually works right away.

Hope this helps some folks. It was all trial and error.”

I just tried Norma’s tips and they do seem to help.

As for this article, I hope Cole getting such a spread doesn’t cause jealousy with others on the team. I mean 6 pages does seem a bit much to me.

I read the article and it ends with the Hammel’s charity of adopting aids babies from Africa. I think that’s an honorable thing.

I hope nobody takes what I’m about to say wrong. I don’t understand why a player who gets a decent contract and tries to give back to society doesn’t focus the money on local problems. How many local food banks could he fill? How many battered women could he help? You fill in the charity of your choice.

Maybe I read this wrong, but it seems that the adopted children would remain in Africa at an orphanage that he and his wife would build. As the article put it, the Hammel’s foundation is a fledgling charity. Of course, up to now he hasn’t had much money to put into it.

If I’m thinking the wrong way, well, I’m sorry, but we have too many local hard working people that are having a tough time and could use a little help.

He was the “hero” norma. He got them off to a great start in all three series in games that they were having difficulty scoring. They could have easily lost all of those games. The fact that they came home from Tampa tied at 1-1 was amazing considering their difficulties with RISP.

I see your point dave, but all I can say as someone who has been out of this country (to Africa several times) is that while yes people need the money here, it is nothing like there. We are fortunate to live in a country that can afford a safety net (yes, it does have holes, I grant you). But in those countries there is no net at all. Plus, they don’t have the tradition of charitable giving in those countries like we do nor the money to give.

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