Hamels Talks Jinx, Adoption

favre.jpgCole Hamels
(as you can see in a previous post) is on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Fortunately for Hamels, he has never heard of the famous SI jinx so he has nothing to worry about.

“As long as I’m not on a Madden cover anytime soon, then I’m happy,” he said today at Bright House Field.

Hamels is living the life these days. He’s happily married. He’s a millionaire. He’s World Series MVP. He’s appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and Ellen.

He’s not quite Tom Brady, but he’s a hell of a lot closer than I’ll ever be.

One very interesting thing in the SI story is that Cole and his wife Heidi plan to adopt an AIDS orphan from Ethiopia, maybe two. Looks like they’re trying to make an impact with their fame and fortune.

“I know it’s a very tough situation to be in, but my wife kind of always had that inside of her,” Hamels said. “I’ve always been someone to give back to anything. I think it’s going to be a real fun experience for us. It’s a grueling process we have to go through to see if we’re fit parents. If I can bring a kid into this life and provide for somebody that doesn’t have everything that is involved with growing up and provide better ammeneties … it’s about trying to help someone out.”

Plenty of players in the Phillies clubhouse are fathers, so Hamels can ask plenty of questions.

“The person I’ll talk to the most is Jamie (Moyer),” he said. “If he can have seven kids and still be a tremendous athlete and play as long as he has, he’s been able to do it right. So I’ll take any information he has to give me. But first and foremost I’ll just observe the way he is. He’s a quality guy. If I can have a career like him and be a father like him, I think I’ll die a happy man.”


Charlie Manuel is expected to rejoin the team tomorrow. He attended Ted Uhlaender‘s funeral today.


Pedro Feliz participated in a couple fielding drills, but did not take ground balls or throw.


Chase Utley is meeting with reporters tomorrow morning to update everybody on his right hip.


Is it just me our does it seem a waste of time for Feliz to be participating in fielding drills, but not to be taking any ground balls or throwing. So what exactly is he doing then?

Very nice comments from Cole Handsome about Jamie Moyer. Kudos to Hamels and his wife; I’m surprised someone who lives such a charmed life would do something so selfless.

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