Nash vs. Howard?

kevin nash.jpgAnother sign that things are just a little bit different after a World Series championship …

Professional wrestler Kevin Nash showed up at Bright House Field this morning to interview the players. TNA Wrestling apparently is hosting a pay-per-view event next month in Philadelphia, so these interviews lead up to it.

Nash is a big dude.


In fact, Ryan Howard stood next to him and Howard looked probably how I look when I stand next to Howard.

“He’s a pretty big guy,” Manuel said. “I talked to (bench coach) Pete Mackanin. I might want to replace Pete with Kevin Nash as bench coach. That way I can really be a redneck, hard nosed manager.”

Manuel wasn’t sure who he would send to fight Nash if he had to pick one player from the Phillies clubhouse.

“I’d probably put two or three on him,” Manuel said. “I’d set the rules, too.”


Pedro Feliz fielded ground balls for the first time.

“Look, he may miss some itme, but it won’t be much,” Manuel said. “Again, he might not miss any. We’ll probably know more about that in another two or three weeks.”


Marcus Giles worked out primarily at third base. That might be a way for him to make the roster should Feliz not be ready.


throw Myers at him, he’s a wild one (with a good punch too, I seem to recall). Better yet, can we send Wild THing into the ring?

What are the plans with Giles etc once Feliz and Utley are fully back from their injuries? Are they planning on sending them to the minors?? Will these vets accept the minors?

If someone like Giles made the team, I think it would be at the expense of a player like Stairs. They are probably actively shopping Stairs and Jenkins as we speak.

Truthfully, I’ll bet Charlie would be a handful for Nash. I think there is a large dose of bad axx under that uniform, I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with him. I with you Jeff, I’ll bet Myers is a load also.

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