Only 364 More Days Until Hockey Tryouts

Thanks to The 700 Level for posting this. Damn, this is funny. It reminds me of Happy Gilmore: “364 more days until next year’s hockey tryouts. I’ve got to toughen up.”


Was the spank at the end necessary?

Wowsers, logged in in about 10 seconds, I guess Todd has more pull than I thought…LOL. I was laughing so hard at the ad, I didn’t really notice whose shoes were being sold. Had to play it again.

First off, it wouldn’t play for me, even when I went to the orginal site. Have to try it at home. But what is funny, is the blurb written under it on

Jimmy Rollins pounded by balls for Dick’s
Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins gives an amusing performance in this Wieden + Kennedy co-op spot for Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Rollins flinches ever so slightly and grunts in quasi-orgasmic fashion as baseballs shot from a pitching machine careen off his body. The message: in sports, performance and pain are intrinsically linked. Fantasy baseball owners know it’s true. Especially those of us who drafted JR in the first round for $40, only to see him spend April on the disabled list and hit just .277 for the year. Aww, does your widdle spwained ankle hurt, Jimmy? Suck it up this season! Who feels my pain when the dweebs in accounting finish first and win all my hard-earned pay?

I was anticipating a crotch-shot… finally got it at the end. Now THAT’S comedy!

Whata hoot! Jimmy is a natural.

P.S. Had no trouble this time logging in🙂

They were selling shoes??? Who knew?!

This is going on the blog tomorrow. Fan-freakin-tastic!!!

I think Jimmy has a future in acting :O) Funny stuff!


That is good stuff. Only four baseballs were injured in the making of this ad. Couldn’t log in yesterday. No problems today.

I’m glad the kid with the Jose Reyes haircut was the one who got hit in the crotch at the end.

BTW, it took ten minutes to login. Can’t MLB remember your info, like the INQ did? We’re not swapping nuclear secrets here… yet.

This was a real funny piece that you didn’t know that something was being sold until the end. Boy, does that kid need to suck it up.

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” Air Jordan

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