Utley Is Making Progress

utley.jpgChase Utley
spoke with reporters this morning at Bright House Field, and he basically said he remains hopeful he can be in the Phillies’ lineup Opening Day.

Here is a taste of what he had to say (we’ll have more later):

Question: Chances to start the season?
Answer: “I would say the chances right now, I don’t really want to jinx myself, fair to quite fair.” (Sounds like Ben Stiller talking about his portfolio in Meet the Parents: “Strong to quite strong.”)

Q: You’re hitting off the tee?
A: “Yes, I’ve hit off the tee for a few days. I’ve started taking some soft toss the past couple days and that’s responded well. There’s no pain, no hesitation, whatsoever. BP? Soon enough. I’ve tried to take it step by step. Soft toss probably for another day or two and if it continues to feel good I don’t see why I can’t take batting practice.”

Q: Any discomfort?
A: “No, no pain at all. I can manipulate it into a position where it’s sore, but I can imagine we can all do that with our legs. So, it’s something I’m really optimistic at this point.”

Q: What are your limitations?
A: “Taking ground balls. Obviously, we’re being a little cautious. We don’t want to do too much too fast. I can probably turn double plays just fine, but they don’t want me to do it just yet. I completely understand that. As far as the ground balls are concerned, we’re going to start making them a little more challenging, move them around a little bit and see how it goes. If the next day, I feel great, we’ll continue to progress. So far, we’re going uphill.”


We Should Be GM’s offers some Phillies lookalikes. They’re also breaking down the NL East infields.


Thanks for the links Todd!

I’ll be there Opening Night, and I’d love nothing more than to see Chase Utley take the field at 2nd base in the top of the 1st inning.

Utley was primed for an MVP season last year but he got sidetracked by the injury. IMO, it was just put off for a year. I just hope he doesn’t overdo it. Take your time, Chase, the season is still 45 days away.

guess we better have Utely ready for opening night. Donald can’t play 2 posistions at the same time. Any news on mayberry? Is he as good as hitter as we were led to believe? What about the 1st round pick, heard he was something to see in BP

I haven’t heard or read anything about Mayberry, but Hewitt was hitting bombs in batting practice. Chase is calling him ‘Bo Jackson’.

Great Phan52. And what did Bo Jackson ever do in the Major leagues?? The one thing that we dont’ need is another Howard, this one at 3B. Only hits HRs with no fielding, no baserunning and no OBP. We need another Michael Jack at 3B–alittle of everything.

Great news about Utley. I like that he seems to be taking things slow but sure.

Once again logging in to comment here was a pain in the butt! (I’m at home today so I can’t blame the “network”)

Utley is a gamer and when he had problems last year, only he knew how bad it was. I would expect him to push himself to the limit in spring training to not attract attention to any setbacks. I would like a healthy Chase Utley who starts maybe game 10 then to worsen a problem by pushing too hard.

I have total confidence that Chollie and the rest will hold him back if there is the slightest concern that he’s not 100% ready. If he wan’t a gamer he wouldn’t be such a fan favorite. We like our players tough.

I really don’t expect Hewitt to make it to the majors as a 3Baseman. He looks to be a potential 5-tool OFer. Potential being the operative word.

I would think that taking grounders would be less an issue than hitting. But I guess it’s the bending, rather than the rotation of his hip. His hitting is what suffered last season. Defense was better than ever. Especially during the WS!

But Chase knows best! Glad things are progressing nicely.

Karen….I sure wish the sign-in would start working better for you. I’ve had no problem at all the last couple of days. Just a sign-in at the beginning of the day. And no delay at all.

Have you emailed Todd about the on-going problem?

You may not expect to see him at 3B, but that is his posistion. He was drafted as a 3B and I haven’t heard of any plans to move him to OF. Hope he can field just a little bit….

Personally I want to see a lot of Jason Donald this spring and not so much that re-tread Giles.

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