Hamels Is Taking Things Slowly

hamels.jpgCole Hamels
threw 262 1/3 innings last season, which include the 35 innings he threw in the playoffs.

Because of the heavy workload (and probably because of Hamels’ history with injuries), the Phillies said today they are taking things slowly with Hamels. He is one of three pitchers who are not throwing batting practice to hitters (the others are Bobby Mosebach and Mike Zagurski, both of whom are coming back from injuries).

“He’ll have extra time,” pitching coach Rich Dubee said about Hamels. “He’ll be fine.”

Grapefruit League game begin Wednesday, but Dubee said Hamels won’t pitch until March 4.

Is Hamels healthy?

“Yeah,” Dubee said. “He’s a little slow. We’re going to give him a little extra time because he took extra time off, and rightfully so. But he’s basically on his same track in spring training.”

Hamels threw a bullpen session this morning, but left camp afterward for personal reasons. He is expected to be back Monday.

“Most of our guys took a little extra time off,” Dubee said. “They probably started throwing a week or two later just to give themselves a little extra rest.”

Obviously, I’ll keep you posted.


Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton will pitch in the Grapefruit League opener Wednesday against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton.


Kyle Kendrick, who is competing for the fifth spot in the rotation, threw live batting practice to lefthanded hitters Ryan Howard, Geoff Jenkins, Jeremy Slayden and Ozzie Chavez.

Lefthanders have hit .329 against Kendrick in his career. Righthanders have hit .258.

“He threw some good changeups,” Dubee said. “It’s progress. He threw some good fastballs and cutters inside to them.”


Carlos Carrasco has been impressive so far, but he’s further along than most because he threw in the Venezuelan winter league. Dubee said he might be a little ahead of Kendrick, J.A. Happ and Chan Ho Park when Grapefruit League action starts this week, but that the other three should catch up soon.


Pitchers often say in spring training that they’re “just getting my work in.”

That won’t fly this spring for Carrasco, Kendrick, Happ and Park. They need to pitch well to win that fifth starter’s job.

“There’s a competition,” Dubee said. “If they want to get their work in they might be getting it some place else. When games start they’ll be evaluated equally. We’ll hash it out and see who wins the job.”


Dude looks like Mega Man with that ice pack/shoulder thingy. Didn’t want to leave you without a comment!

Stories have been posted so rapidly, we can barely keep up!

Good job, Todd!

That’s an interesting contraption that Hamels is wearing, I’m sure there are tons of variations of contraptions like that for pitchers. I used to be the only pitcher for my softball team so I pitched every inning of every game and I had to walk around with a gigantic blue thing.

Thought it was odd that I did not see Hamels yesterday at practice…now I know why. Well, sort of ;O)


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