Getting the Competition Started

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there are four pitchers competing for the fifth spot in the Phillies’ rotation: Kyle Kendrick, J.A. Happ, Chan Ho Park and Carlos Carrasco.

Grapefruit League games begin Wednesday, but the competition for the fifth spot doesn’t begin until Thursday, when Carrasco and Happ face the Toronto Blue Jays at Bright House Field. The Phillies have their pitching schedule lined up for the next week. Here’s a look at who’s throwing when:

Wednesday @ Pittsburgh in Bradenton: Jamie Moyer, Joe Blanton, Joe Bisenius, Scott Nestor, Dave Borkowski, Mike Koplove and Jake Woods.
Thursday vs. Toronto: Carrasco, Happ, Justin Lehr, Gary Majewski, Blaine Neal and Yorman Bazardo.
Friday @ Cincinnati in Sarasota: Drew Carpenter, Antonio Bastardo, Chad Durbin, Ryan Madson, J.C. Romero and Sergio Escalona.
Saturday vs. Tampa Bay (starters only listed): Kendrick.
Sunday @ Atlanta in Lake Buena Vista (starters only listed): Brett Myers and Park.
Monday @ Toronto in Dunedin (starters only listed): Moyer and Blanton; Happ and Carrasco.

You’ll often hear pitchers in spring training say, “I’m just getting my work in.” Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee made it clear the other day that “getting my work in” won’t fly for Kendrick, Happ, Park and Carrasco. This is a competition, so they’ll need to pitch well.

Cole Hamels, who is not on this list, is expected to start March 4 against Team Canada.


I love this part of the spring. We get to see all kinds of prospects. Keep your eyes on Carpenter (he had a great game against the Yanks last spring). Escalona is also worth looking at.
Notice that despite all teh talk about “giving him a chance to pitch” My E isn’t listed anywhere? Perhaps there is a little league team looking for a batting practice pitcher??

Yes, there is no “E” word listed in the pitching schedule. However, I did see a pic of him on’s Spring Training galley. So apparently he is actually in Florida.

By the way, I am still upset that my 2008 World Series Champion T-shirt with the jerseys for the team printed on the back DOES include one for “E” word. I might have to take a Sharpie to it before I wear it in public.

So does Hamels get to face Matt Stairs? My new favorite baseball player names is….Antonio Bastardo. Hope he does well.

I hope they can find a lefty to get them to June when Romero is back. Whatever happened to Matt Smith, the lefty they got in the Abreu trade? I know he had ‘Tommy John’ surgery but that was a couple of years ago.

Yeah, if you hit a homer off of Bastardo you end up swimmin’ with the fishes.
Dont’ remove E’s name from the t-shirt. It just proves that every great team has non-contributing members. Besides, why ruin a good shirt over him??

Todd, please let us know how the non-roster players and prospects are doing during the spring. It’s nice to know what is in the pipeline for years to come. Any chance that the closer for the Pigs last year makes the team as a lefty RP ?

What are the chances of Shane Vicotrino making the USA World Baseball Classic Team?

Charlie says the pitchers are ahead of the hitters, training wise. I guess not surprising, since they’ve been in camp a few extra days. It’ll be interesting to see how all of the newbies do. There sure are a lot of names I don’t recognize. “Invitees”, I guess.

As for *E* not being listed…..It was said earlier, that since he’s still a member of the team, he would compete for the 5th starter. Maybe the Phils have already written him off.

He was allowed to compete. They saw him, decided he couldn’t possibly be better then he was last year since he didn’t do anything to loose weight, put on muscle, work out etc duign his extended off season (he was sent down for Playoffs and never re-appeared). Having seen this, they filed him where he belongs–trash to be taken out and disposed off at first chance. Why waste time letting him throw a ball and possibly hurt someone??

He’s a warm body. We gotta pay him anyway, so you let him throw BP and not tire anyone else out.

The batters might be afraid they’d be HBP’s!

thought BP was supposed to be practice for hitting Majo league pitching, not little league soft ball

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