So There's No Rose Ceremony?

bullpen.jpgPhillies relievers are about to become reality TV stars.

OK, not reality stars like Flavor Flav or Vern Troyer(and thank God for that). But MLB Productions has been in Clearwater for the past week, shooting the debut episode of The Pen, an inside look at the Phillies’ bullpen. It is MLB Network’s first original programming, and it is scheduled to debut June 1.

There will be six episodes through the all-star break.

“I think it’ll be pretty neat,” Clay Condrey said.

You’ll probably become a star, Clay.

“I ain’t no star,” he said.

The program is expected to give fans an inside look at how a bullpen operates (i.e. how individual relief pitchers work as a team). There also will be off-the-field footage to give fans a feel for what these guys are like.


Any chance you can post teh YouTube version? Some of us can’t get MLB TV thanks to not having a US credit card

Rose Ceremony….Funny! Vern Troyer….Scary! But good stuff, Todd!

BTW….You got outta the Inky just in time. Seems they filed for bankruptcy. Inside info?

I’m not so sure about this. Distractions?

Congrats for strong No. 2 overall showing in the Latest Leaders!

Clay is such a charachter :O) He should be a star!


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