Grapefruit League Opening Lineup

The Phillies open their Grapefruit League schedule tomorrow afternoon against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Brandenton.

Here’s the starting lineup:

  1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
  2. Shane Victorino, CF
  3. Raul Ibanez, LF
  4. Ryan Howard, 1B
  5. Geoff Jenkins, RF
  6. Matt Stairs, DH
  7. Jason Donald, 2B
  8. Eric Bruntlett, 3B
  9. Chris Coste, C

Every regular other than Jayson Werth, Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz will be making the trip. Jamie Moyer starts. Joe Blanton follows him.


Wow, Looks like Charlie is REALLY going to test having consecutive lefties in the lineup.

Batting ibanez third is a interesting idea. I wonder if he plans to hit Utley 5th when he comes back? Utley has more power and Ibanez more OBP. My worry is will Utely feel presure to try to hit more HRs ?
Todd, please let us know how Donald does in the field at 2B, and if jenkins is even alive in RF

Ibanez and Howard hitting in front of Chase would take away his running game completely. He should stay at three when he is ready. Rollins, Werth/Victorino and Chase presents too many scoring possiblities to pass up.

I dont’ think Chase is going to have much of a running game this year. besides teh running and strain on the hip, sliding isn’t the greatest thing for him. At least in teh beginning, it may be a way of getting more people on for those with RBI ability. If he switches Utley and Ibanez back around, I’ll still be happy, though in that case, I’d hit Werth 5th adn Ibanez 6th to split up the lefties

I agree about Werth and Ibanez at 5 and 6. And if Chase is careful with his rehab his hip should be fine. He just can’t push it.

Phan, I think his hip will be fine as well, but I don’t expect him to be stealing many bases this year, nor be quite as fast as he was previously. This is what is meant by not pushing it

I think Chase will be back in the three spot when he returns.
BTW……He hit a HR in BP yesterday. Good sign!

but did he run around the bases afterwards??

I think Utley will be back in the three-hole once he’s healthy. Charlie said the other day that’s pretty much the perfect spot for him.

can’t even pick a fight here any more. Where’s truth or jimmy or mark to yell at me at the suggestion that Utley bat 5th

Zo….You need to dig up the email list from the old blog, and send a mass invite!

Why didn’t Werth make the trip?

My guess is that Jenkins and Stairs will get a lot of playing time to showcase them for any possible takers. Jenkins could probably really help somebody if we take half his contract. Maybe he could get us a bullpen lefty to bridge Romero.

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