The Cole War. Seriously?

ny post back.jpgEverybody knows Cole Hamels called the Mets “choke artists” over the winter on New York radio station WFAN.

He might have been pushed into saying it, but he said it.

He said last Wednesday, “I didn’t know what I said when it happened. I really didn’t. I have to stick by what I said and it’s something where, truly, I like to do most of my talking out on the field. I’m not the type of guy that needs to look for attention in the offseason.”

Hamels recently appeared on WIP with Howard Eskin. Eskin asked Hamels why it is such a big deal to use the word choke.

Hamels replied, “The word choke means you weren’t able to fully come through when you were supposed to. I think the Mets had the top teams, they pretty much had the championships in the bag and they weren’t able to come through. A lot of guys will perceive them as choking in the end and not fulfilling their end of the bargain because they should have taken it. You know what? It really does show the strength and hard work and I guess the deep down guts that we have to take it away from them.”

Totally controversial, right? OK, not exactly. But the New York Post found those comments, wrote a note about it and made it the back page of its national edition today with the headline “The Cole War” splashed across Hamels’ picture. (The final edition bumped Hamels to a banner headline atop Nate Robinson‘s 41-point effort against the Pacers.)

Hamels shook his head and laughed when showed the Post’s back page.

“I think it kind of gets out of hand,” Hamels said. “But you know what? If it spurs enough (interest) to where we get a lot more attention when we face each other, that’s fine. … I don’t want it to be bad blood against their players and us because we respect each other. But if it really gets the fans involved, that’s OK.

“I know that I have the Phillies fans on my side and I know I’m never going to have the Mets fans on my side. So it’s not like they’re going to cheer me when I go out there. I guess if it gets more exciting when we play, I think that’s good for baseball. I think that’s what baseball needs. It needs some good rivalries to forget about the other stuff off the field that’s been happening.”

Hamels told reporters last week in Clearwater that he didn’t regret using the phrase “choke artists” on WFAN becuase he learned from it. He echoed that sentiment this morning.

“I’ll live with it, and I’ll never regret anything I say because I learn from it,” he said. “It’s a situation where I can try to apologize to players because I don’t want them to be offended by it. I have a lot of respect for all the players on their team. I guess it’s just something to stir the pot. Hopefully it’ll get things going for when we compete during the season.”


I don’t understand what the big deal is, he was just telling the truth. I find it funny how Jose Reyes comes out and says he doesn’t understand why the Phillies worry about the Mets. The Phillies aren’t worried about the Mets, they are trying to get back in the heads of the Mets. I think this is a calculated move by the Phillies. The last 2 years someone has made a comments about the Mets in the media and it has worked. The Mets have choked against the Phillies. In order to win the division the Phils are going to have to beat the Mets and I think it has already been done mentaly.

I don’t think Cole’s statements are calculated; he just happens to talk off the cuff. But JRoll was definitely calculated. He’s been in the Mets collective heads for a couple of years now. Reyes, in particular. He is clearly upset that the Phillies pose him as a hot dog, ‘pimpin’ HR’s. Truth hurts.

Haha — that was a lotta dancing! Citi Field will be waiting for him, no doubt about that. Actually I guess Citi Field will be waiting for everyone. What I really want to know is if Rays at Phillies on Saturday will mean semi-thunderous chants of “Eva! Eva!” at Brighthouse.


The Mutts are irrelevent this year. Their pitching still sucks, their hitting ain’t great and their owner is broke… We should worry about the fish, though. They always seem to come from nowhere and give it a great run.

I would think that a Rays/Phillies game at Brighthouse will elicit chants of “Pat! Pat!”.

BTW, are you sure Citifield will still be called ‘Citifield’ by opening day? Congress want Citigroup to “show me the money!!”

shouldn’t it be called “Citichoke field??

I really don’t care what they’ll call their new home, as long as you don’t call me late for the first Mets lost there.🙂

At least Cole using the *C* word, has taken the heat off of Chase using the *F* word. LOL!

Sure is funny, that no one, ESPECIALLY IN NY, remembers that Cole was goaded into that.

now all we need is an U word and a K word

Probably because no one there wants to know the truth that the folks at that station asked him what everyone was saying in NY and Cole gave them an answer that they rode with, Norma.

You’re right. Cole took the NY media and the entire Mets fanbase off the hook for calling the team “chokers”.

I can’t bleieve that New York Mets fans are going nuts about this Cole Hammels qoute that the Mets are “Choke artis” Which by the way, they are. I don’t think their is a Mets fan out tthere that dedesagrees with that notion. And if they are Mets fans that desagree with that, then they need to get their heads examined. And also I don’t get why Mets players are yapping aobut the Phillies. Excuse me guys, you are the ones that choked like dogs the last cople of years. Face the fact that the Phillies are the better team okay.

I think Cole has a future in stand up comedy when he is done in baseball. SO funny! If he realy does learn from all these slips of the tongue, I am betting he is a total genius by now! ;o)


Zo, we can not stop until your blog is #1, I can’t believe it isn’t already? Anyway this is hands down the best blog.

I am as happy as anyone we won the WS, but let’s take a step back. The Mets did choke, 2 years running, but it’s not like we ran away with the division either year. If they hadn’t coughed the bit, who knows how it turns out? They were right there until the end, so I’m rooting for a NOT next to last day, or last day clinching this year. Complacency is devastating. Just saying….

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jimmymack, don’t forget the 2006 NLCS! The Mutts choked THREE years in a row. They had game 7 all but won, but blew the save in the 9th inning.
In fact, they gave up 7 runs in the 9th inning, while not scoring A SINGLE RUN after the 7th during the entire series.

Choke Artists? Yes, Cole. You are correct.

Why are you guys still worried about what happened the last two years? Sure, the Mets couldn’t pull through when they really needed to, but it really was the fault of our inefficient bullpen. That doesn’t mean the Mets choked. We just had inadequate pitchers, and it caught up to us in the end. That doesn’t matter anymore, however, because it is now 2009. Smith, Ayala, and Schoeneweis are gone. Green, K-Rod, and Putz are in. Church is healthy. Murphy is primed for a breakout season. Wright, Beltran, and Reyes are going to continue to produce. Santana is solid and Pelfrey is making a name for himself. Maine, with the help of his new curveball, is only going to get better. Citi Field is open and waiting for Cole Hamels. Let the games begin!

Why would you think we are “worried” about the last two years? You really need to look in a mirror. Well, maybe that’s not a good idea, especially for the players. They might not like what they see…

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