Welcome to Bradenton

Just settled into the press box at McKechnie Field in Bradenton. It’s actually pretty nice today. It seems no matter when we’re here during Spring Training, it’s always frigid and windy (relatively speaking, of course).


Good news for Scott Eyre, whose assets have been frozen by federal regulators. The Phillies have agreed to advance him a bit of his $2 million salary so he can, you know, pay his bills and mortgage and stuff.


I’m told that some commenting/login issues have been resolved. If you have any further problems/concerns/beefs/issues/compliments, etc. let me know here.


How great it was to wake up today and see a Philies game sheduled on my events today!!!! First game. let’s see how these kids do. Keep us informed Todd

Fan in Jerusalem: Couldn’t agree more! Todd thanks for all your efforts in getting the login issues resolved……so far so good🙂

That sucks about Eyre. It’s hard to feel sorry for a guy making 2 million a year, but nobody deserves to be scammed like that.

Thanks Karen. How’s it goin? (It’s Jeff btw) I hope ESPN carries a bunch of the games this year so I can watch. No Comcast or MLB where I live

Frigid?? It was 18 degrees in Allentown this morning!

So what does everyone think about the possibility of Jimmy Rollins getting some playing time at 2b during the World Baseball Classic? With Dustin Pedroia being the only 2nd baseman, is it a possiblility? One would Jimmy do it, although similiar it can be a very different position. Two do you think Davey Johnson would ask him to do it. They have 2 third baseman, 2 shortstops including Rollins and Mark DeRosa as well. Not sure if it will come up but I guess it could be a possiblility.

Well, it took a few seconds to get to the log in page but once i did it logged me in right quick.
Hey Jeff, are you going to try MLB TV online? Looks like they made some tweaks and it looks good. I am tempted to get it myself. Or you could just get the radio feed.

Jeff….Bad news! Only one game broadcast on ESPN. In fact, ESPN2. But at least it the Opener! It’s an 8:05 start. What time will it be there? Here’s a link to the broadcast schedule….


Todd, watch out for the Rascals and golf carts down in Bradenton, the seniors drive them around like it’s Talladaga raceway. PLAY BALL!

spring training is here! doesn’t it jsut seem a little warmer outside today? thats awesome that the phils forwarded scott some of his salary. good guys in the phillies organization. have fun today zo and keep an eye on donald for us since we cant watch the game, only listen😦

The problem with MLB.Com is that they require a US credit card (or at least an international one) which I dont’ have. If anyonje can tell me how to watch them for free, or if Todd wants to give me his user info, I’ll be thrilled. Otherwise, I guess it’s another year of lots of youtube, MLB videos and imagining what the play looked like. Thankfully baseball uis a game of stats

Jeff….You could always use the Game Day Live (I think that’s what it’s called) on the Phillies website. No live feeds. Just graphics. But at least you could keep up with the action.

Anyone know why Eyre’s assets were frozen by the feds?

Norma, I did that a lot last year. You get it after like a 5 second delay it seems. not great, but you can at least try to follow. What I need is for there to be a decent team here that I can watch–unfotunately, Israeli baseball is worse then US Little league

Jeff, keep a lookout for Sunday games on ESPN. A few times last season, Sunday day games were moved to 8:00pm and broadcast on ESPN. Part of their “flexible schedule”

Eyre got caught up in the Stanford Financial fraud, same one that Jeter is involved in. Madoff, on a smaller scale. They won’t know for a while how much they may have lost.

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