Blue Jays 6, Phillies 2 – 2/26

A few things from the Phillies’ 6-2 loss today to the Blue Jays at Bright House Field:

Carlos Carrasco was very impressive in two perfect innings, although he is ahead of other pitchers because he pitched in winter ball in Venezuela. J.A. Happ looked pretty good, too. “It’s amazing to see these two kids go back to back,” Carlos Ruiz said. “They were very impressive.” More on Carrasco and Happ later.

– Based on e-mails and comments on the blog, people are wondering why Jayson Werth hasn’t played these first two Grapefruit League games. He also isn’t making the trip tomorrow to Sarasota to play the Reds. Is Werth hurt? “No, I’m fine,” Werth said. Charlie Manuel bristled when asked after the game why Werth hasn’t played yet. “There is absolutely zero wrong with him,” Manuel said. “Werth? He’s been hitting. He’s just not ready to go yet. What the hell? He’ll play before the season starts.” Why isn’t he ready? “Why?” Manuel said. “He’s just not ready to go. He’s just not ready to play yet. Swinging. Running. Everything. That’s all. That happens a lot. It’s no big deal. He’s not a whole lot out of shape. It’s just the way he’s going through it. No, nothing is wrong with him. Absolutely nothing.” Manuel then added that Werth likely would play Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays at Bright House Field.

Pedro Feliz took some swings off the practice tee today, the first time Manuel has seen him swing a bat.

– The Phillies had just six hits. Manuel said his hitters definitely are behind the pitchers at this point. The Phillies’ position players opened camp Feb. 17, so they haven’t been facing live pitching for long.

– A few Phillies fans (they had a few drinks at the Tiki Bar, I think) gave Jeremy Slayden a rough time in left field because he was wearing No. 81 — Terrell Owens‘ old number. I’m pretty sure Slayden didn’t pick the number.


Thanks for the followup on Werth, that answers a ton of possible questions. The natives (me included…LOL) were getting restless.

Wow! Chuck sounded hot! But he had to realize, “inquiring minds want to know”.

Hey Todd…very nice to meet you today! Keep up the great blogging!


I don’t know how others feel, but I’m not worried that our hitters are “behind” right now. They had to take extra time off (of baseball, not of being in shape – hopefully) after such a long post season and so of course they are going to be a little behind the pitchers and the other teams’ hitting. Right??

Sounds to me like Chollie’s a little hot about Werth and his conditioning. Maybe he took the winter off and is taking some things for granted. I know Chollie likes Jenkins and wouldn’t hesitate to give him a chance to win more playing time.

I just think Charlie was sticking up for his player. That’s what he does, which is why they love him so much. He may not be happy with Werth’s conditioning but he isn’t going to tell the press that, that’s not his style.

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