Phillies vs. Blue Jays – 2/26

bright house field.jpgHere is the lineup for today’s Grapefruit League home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays at Bright House Field:

1. Jimmy Rollins, SS
2. Jason Donald, 3B
3. Raul Ibanez, LF
4. Ryan Howard, DH
5. John Mayberry, RF
6. Greg Dobbs, 1B
7. Marcus Giles, 2B
8. Jason Ellison, CF
9. Carlos Ruiz, C

Pitchers: Carlos Carrasco, J.A. Happ, Justin Lehr, Gary Majewski, Blaine Neal and Yorman Bazardo.

Today is the officially beginning of the competition for the fifth starter’s job. Like Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee said last week, there is no “I’m just getting my work in” with Carrasco, Happ, Kyle Kendrick and Chan Ho Park. “This is a competition,” Dubee said. Best man wins? I’m not sure how it’ll work, but it should be interesting to watch because all four pitchers can make strong cases for themselves.


The Phillies are getting a private screening of the new movie I Love You, Man tonight in Clearwater. It stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Rudd is pretty much funny in every movie I’ve seen, and I liked Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


Cole Hamels was featured in the latest Philadelphia Style Magazine.


Carrasco had an impressive first inning. He struck out Marco Scutaro (swinging) and Joe Inglett (looking) and got Jose Bautista to ground out to third baseman Jason Donald. … Donald made a nice play on a ball that short-hopped him to to start the second inning, too. … John Mayberry made a nice catch, a rocket Travis Snider hit to right field for the second out in the second. … Another perfect inning for Carrasco. … Happ threw a perfect third, getting a ground out, fly out and strikeout. He allowed one hit in a scoreless fourth inning.


Todd: Where’s Jayson Werth? Or is Charlie just trying to give some of the “rookies” a chance to make the team?

Hi Todd, First I wanted to say hi to Clint. It’s nice to see another familiar name. (it’s JeffG in case the ladies didn’t clue you in)

Now for the real stuff: Todd, let us know how Donald looks at 3rd, How Mayberry looks in the field, and How Giles looks at 2B. I wasn’t impressed by his hitting yesterday, though I know it’s early, but as they same, “there is no just getting my work in”
What’s teh story with Ellison? Where did he come from and where is he headed?

What Zo no picture from the press box today?

Jeff, I agree, lot’s of great side stories this spring..Donald, Mayberry, Giles and the 5th starter race. I’m rooting for Donald, I think he is a player and Coste to make the team.

Jimmy, I don’t know what to think. In many ways I want DOnald on the team this year as the replacement for Brunlett. On the other hand, I think he may need a year at AAA to master 3rd and be able to start there next year. The main question in my mind is how he is seen by the Organization: as a starting infielder (that means third and AAA) or as a super utility guy (like Brunlett, etc) in which case he should be on the team this year. I dont think Mayberry has a chance to make the team unless he has great spring. He’s another starter who needs to play every day to sharpen skills.

Thanks for the informative updates Todd. Godd to hear that Carlos had a good 1st inning and that Donald can field at 3B

Carrasco is not fooling around after two innings. If you like spring training competition, you’ll be happy.

Carrasco is the one guy in the competition who has “stuff”. Would love to see him show some maturity and take it, since we all know he is going to be in the the ‘show’ eventually.

Nice pic, Zo. Is the phanatic calling balls and strikes today?

Sadly, the Phanatic is not calling balls and strikes. But Carrasco has been impressive. I’ll try to update as often as possible, but once I’m in the clubhouse for interviews, they’ll get a little scarce.

What a site, glad to see the Phanatic made it to Florida.

So Carlos is done having struck out 3, gotten two ground balls and a fly ball (the only ball hit well) I thik he’s setting the bar pretty high. Let’s see what happ has today

Bryan, are you lisening to the game? It seems happ is not giving up so easily to Carlos

Here’s a GAmeday link. Happ had a 1-2-3 inning with a K.

Where is everybody? Nobody on berm, stands look sparse. Must be a breakfast backup at Lenny’s or else everyone is at Frenchy’s bar in left field

This guy Ellison isn’t wasting time. Single, stolen base, run scored on a JRoll hit.

Hi Jimmy. What do you know about Ellison?? Seems as if he’s a decent hitter. Could he be the bench bat??

Ibanez is fitting in nicely. Pop-up with runners on 2nd and 3rd and less than two outs. ahhh, memories…

Howard seems to be in mid season form. He’s struck out 3 or 4 times already this spring??

Carrasco and Happ both apparently performed admirably. Wish I could have seen some of it.

My grandson wants to know if the Phanatic has to pay for two seats on the airplane since he’s so big?

davegas: kids say the darndest things!

Glad to hear that the competition for the 5th spot appears to be fierce! I would assume that Happ might have an edge from today’s outing since he has a bit more ML experience. Look forward to Park’s debut and also how my new favorite baseball name….Bastardo does.

Both Carlos and happ looked good as did this guy Ellison. Anyone now what is with Werth? He made the trip but hit the clubhouse already and isn’t sheduled to make the trip tomorrow. Is he hurt, or just not playing so the Non roster guys can get a few innings in before being sent to the Minors??

Who is Majewski? is he a starter or reliever? L/R? any chance he’s for real? I guess we now know 3 pitchers who won’t be seen again this spring. the two from yesterday and this guy Lehr.

jeff g: I was wondering the same thing about Werth. Seemed odd that he hasn’t played for two days.

Dave mentioned it in his blog at the DN. Something smells in clearwater….

Jeff: Ellison is a RH bat, played in SF for ’05 & ’06, (131 games in 2005) then less than 100 with the Reds and Mariners. Career .251 hitter, not a lot of pop. Has a release clause in contract for 6/15, which I assume means he can be FA if not on 40 man roster. Todd, is that correct?

Yeah, but since Charlie has said he wants speed as well as hitting, and he did produce a run with a single, SB and score on single, he seems to fit bill. For power we do have Jenkins, Dobb, Coste. Alternatively, is Mayberry a real possibility? Somehow I don’t see us going out and getting a bat whos not already in camp, if at all

Sorry Jeff, didn’t know Murph had the same info, I had to go look him up between actually getting some work done….LOL

Gary Majewski has been around the majors for a while – first the Expos and then became a Nat. He was a Phillie-killer about six or seven years ago, I believe. This is most likely his last shot at the rodeo.

Jimmy, Dave had the info on Werth, not on Ellison. Thanks for looking it up in between work breaks (those are teh breaks from Blogging and following the game to do actual work)

Add Neil to the list of pitchers who can pack their bags and head for teh minor league camp

Did anyone else notice that in MLB Gameday, they have Bastardo listed as “Bazardo” Maybe this is his bizzaro world twin…. or they have some stupid censor that can’t even type the guy’s name.

In any case, it’s bizare that his name is bastardo

Where can I find the Blog about Jason Werth? I am also very curious why he hasn’t started/played yet. A link and any comments/ideas would be great.

Go to and look under sports for Dave’s blog called Cheese

Just mentions that he left for clubhouse early and isn’t sheduled to make trip tomorrow. Nothing earth-shattering there

here’s a tracker for the 5th starter competition

Are we in a rut already? Wasn’t that the same as yesterday’s score?

I’m rooting for Haap. When does Kendrick get a start?

Phillies have a Bastardo and a Bazardo in camp. Bazardo pitched today, Bastardo tomorrow. Kendrick starts Saturday against the Rays.

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