This Parade Is A Little Different


I first saw this photo at The Fightins, and the differences between the two parades (and the relative proximity in time between the two) struck me. So I asked Pat Burrell today about the “Welcome to Charlotte County Parade” earlier this month.

“There was a lady that was driving me, her and her son, and she didn’t know it,” Burrell said. “It’s not her fault. But she didn’t know anything about me being on (the Phillies). And I made a comment when I got up on the back of the car. I said, ‘The last parade I was in was a little bit different.’ She didn’t get it, because she didn’t know, but I kind of laughed to myself.”

If he had cried, I think Phillies fans would have understood.


I woulda’ been crying! Did anyone even know who he was? No sign on the car, or anything. Pretty lame.

Question about today’s game….There are 7,300 fixed seats, and 1,500 on the berm, at Brighthouse Field. That’s only 8,800. How the heck did they fit in 10,000+! 1,500 standing room? CBP doesn’t even sell that many standing rooms.

The line behind Pat must be the diners waiting to get into Olive Garden for the early bird special at 4 p.m. That can’t really be a parade can it?

I’m sure they fit more people than that on the berm, and I’m not sure how they count the people at the Tiki Bar. I’m just finishing writing for the day, and it’s still pretty packed out there.

Hey Norma! Saw your music preferences on the previous dialogue. Our radios stations are similarly set. Love XPN and the variety of music they play. Plus can’t beat classic rock.

Such fun to watch the game live. Great to see so many offensive contributions especially Howard.

The parade has to fit the team. I think it is nice to hear that Pat al least feels (or claims to feel) no annimosity towards teh Phillies and understands the nature of the game. Glad to see him get a hit. Great to see us get more hits!!!!!

I hope these guys hit like this ALL year. Im not looking forward to Howards sloooooow start. There better not be 2-3 months where they cant hit, like what happened last year. I think the bats wake up this year, but the bullpen takes a hit. It’ll be a complete 180 from last year, except of course in the playoffs, where it all comes together and they defend that title successfully!!!

I hope Burrell’s car had enough gas in it.

classic. I miss Burrell already . He had one of the biggest hits of the season, a 2 run walkoff on a full count in the bot 9th and the phils down by 1. too bad it happened in may and it was forgotten. i still think ibanez is a good move tho..cant wait to see Burrell in those expo games

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