Eaton Goes to the O's

Adam Eaton has signed a minor-league contract with the Baltimore Orioles.

If Eaton should make the big-league roster, the Orioles would have to pay only $400,000 of the $9.15 million he is owed. This is what you call a low-risk, high-reward move. If Eaton somehow resurrects his career, it’s a great move. If he continues to pitch terribly, it doesn’t cost the Orioles anything. The Orioles expressed interest in Eaton during the winter meetings, when the Phillies were trying to trade him. But the Orioles probably figured why take on any of Eaton’s contract (the Phillies were willing to eat all but $1 million) when they could get him for nothing in the spring?


Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee said Brad Lidge has had some forearm tightness and general tightness, which is why he hasn’t pitched in a Grapefruit League game. Nobody is concerned.

“What’s a closer going to need?” Dubee said, regarding the spring training appearances Lidge will need to be ready for the April 5 season opener.


Cole Hamels threw batting practice today in Clearwater. If he comes out of that OK, he will pitch Wednesday against Team Canada at Bright House Field. … Chad Durbin still has soreness in his right hamstring. It’s unclear when he will get into a game. “He’s coming along, but he’ll be a while, probably longer than maybe during the course of the season because we have plenty of time,” Dubee said. “There’s no reason to rush.” … Charlie Manuel said he has Jayson Werth in the lineup tomorrow against the Toronto Blue Jays. Werth, who has had some soreness behind his right shoulder, hasn’t played in the first five games.


The Phillies have a “B” game at noon tomorrow against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Carpenter Complex. Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton pitch there. Carlos Carrasco and J.A. Happ will pitch in the regular game against the Blue Jays in Dunedin.


Gee, Dubee makes it sound like Lidge won’t need any work at all. Why did Brad even have to show up for spring training?
Did the rainy weather make everyone cranky?

I was just watching Ryan Howard and JRoll on ESPN Baseball Tonight. JRoll was stylin’, and talking about scoring 150 runs.

Krukker took on Ryan about his strikeouts saying that he could be even better, but Ryan blew him off. Said that 48, 146 and a WS championship is OK with him. I’m kinda with Krukker on this one. He could be even better.

Just read about Todd Z’s replacement @ the Inky. Poor dude worked in NY and covered the Mutts. I think Dubee was saying that fortunately Lidge has some time to continue to get in shape before opening day. Didn’t sound like Myers had that great an outing. Glad to see Werth will be back in the line-up. Enjoy the snow!?

I think all of these guys are secretly suffering from off-season ice-cream overload :O) Partied a bit too hard…


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