The Fifth Job

park.jpgSo where are the Phillies with the fifth spot in their rotation?

“Dead tie,” Charlie Manuel said today.

Maybe because the competition hasn’t started yet.

“It hasn’t even gotten out of the gate,” Rich Dubee said. “I really don’t look at first, maybe even second outings. Repeating a delivery takes time, and a lot of these guys are in brand new shoes, so they’ve got to break those in. But I like what I’ve seen. But they need more reps. They need to go through a lineup two or three times.”

But while the Phillies say nobody has won the competition (or even taken a lead), certainly nobody has put himself in a hole, either. Carlos Carrasco and J.A. Happ, who pitch tomorrow afternoon against the Toronto Blue Jays in Dunedin, each threw two scoreless innings last week. Kyle Kendrick allowed a run in 2 2/3 innings Saturday, and Chan Ho Park allowed a run in three innings today.

This has the potential to be a very close, very competitive race over the next few weeks, which is good for the Phillies because it means, you know, they have talent and depth. But Park’s situation intrigues me. What if Park pitches just a tick better than Happ, Carrasco or Kendrick? Do they give him the job? Or do they put him in the bullpen, and give the job to the person who finished just behind him? Park bypassed the WBC because he wants to start, but the Phillies would benefit from having him in the bullpen because he can pitch multiple innings — which they could use with J.C. Romero serving a 50-game suspension to open the season. In other words, I wonder if Park has to go head and shoulders above the other three pitchers to get into the rotation.


Johan Santana‘s elbow is healed! Healed, the Mets say!

(They better hope so.)


I hope Marson and Donald start hitting soon. I want Coste to be the backup, but it would be nice to know Marson can handle the bat

I think with this WBC upon us, there is a possibility that players are going to get hurt. I hope not, but in contrast to that statement, I would that the Phillie would keep as many good arms available as possible. I would rather see a veteran player with the Pigs in stead of being outright released until these start of the season injury glitches pass.

Dave, I assume you AREN”T reffering to “A” he doesn’t qualify as a pitcher. I am hoping that Park is in Pen, Happ is starter and Kendrick and Carlos are with Pigs to back everyone up

I like Happ as a starter and Park in the pen. Yet also think Kendrick has certainly paid his dues and maybe with a bit more work w/the Pigs could be brought back up. It’s great to see the competition is fierce. Of course like Dubee said it was only everyone’s first outting and we have to wait and see how the next couple go to get better idea of how everyone is doing.

It’s a miracle for Santana….guess they had a guru come lay hands on him :O) Joy. As for Park, I think you are right…we could really use him in the pen. I am still SO mad about JC….ugh! What a crock!


I would love to see Kendrick or Happ really stand out to get the job. The other guy can join Carrasco in Lehigh and hopefully be ready in case we need him. I love Carrasco’s stuff, but a little extra seasoning can’t help, unless he just blows Dubee away. That is a very real possibility. Park was signed for the ‘pen. I would feel bad for him if he outperforms the others and doesn’t get the job but, oh well.
When is this snow going to stop? It’s March!

Another vote for Happ to start, and Park to join the ‘pen. With Kendrick joining the Pigs, til he’s needed, in case of an injury. Knock on wood!

As far as Santana……Pu-leese!

Todd, I’ve been bring up that same point about Park for a month over and not one other person besides you can see what the Phillies are doing with their so-called open competition. When Dubee said it was Kyle’s job to lose, I took him at his word, which means if Kyle pitches adequately, he will be the 5th starter. Then poor Chan Ho won’t have a chance, mostly because we need his arm in the bullpen until J.C. can pitch 6/01. Also the organization will never risk J.A.’s development by having him pitch 150 or so innings this year. The only thing that bothers me is that Chan Ho was led to believe he had an equal chance at getting that job. He skipped the WBC, causing the people of his country to question his patriotism. Trust me, if he knew the truth he wouldn’t have even signed with the Phillies. We don’t know how important the WBC is to countries like Korea. If Park doesn’t get the starter spot and Korea loses the WBC because of pitching, the poor guy will not be able to return to Korea for a while, and the guilt he feels may adversely effect his pitching. As for Happ, I think he’ll be that left-handed bullpen pitcher the Phils were thinking about until June 1, then he’ll go back to AAA to “stretch out” his arm to start games after the Allstar break.

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