Bullpen Help?

The Phillies have been looking for lefthanded bullpen help for the past couple months, but Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has said several times recently that unless those free agents (notably Joe Beimel, Will Ohman and Dennys Reyes) take a “very modest offer” that they would not be signed.

The Phillies have been monitoring their situations for weeks, but a report today has the Phillies in back and forth negotiations with Ohman.

A Phillies source told MLB.com today that they “are not on Ohman.”

The source indicated that Ohman’s agent might be trying to generate interest in his client.

Of course, the Phillies’ interest in Ohman could change over time. As the regular season grows closer, free agents might become more desperate to sign. Amaro would not say what a “very modest offer” is, but it would seem to be $1 million or less.


Phinally Philly finds that the Phillies will be flashing a little gold on Opening Day. Holy cow, that’s a lot of PH’s and F’s in the same sentence.


Saw a pic of the gold trim on another site. Doubt that the fans will be able to notice it. Especially me, in my sec. 104 seats. Unless, Werth or Vic, make a leap right in front of me!

Forget to ask…..Did you get your laundry done, today?!

I hope the Phillies don’t get Ohman, but my gut tells me they will.

I don’t think they need Ohman. When did they bring in Eyre last season? July? They can get by with Eyre doing what Romero did in the first half of last season and then settle into their regular bullpen rotation in June.

Got the laundry done, thankfully. It was about time.

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