Day Off Today

rollins usa.jpg

The Phillies have off today, which is a good thing for them and a good thing for me.

I get to do things like laundry and … and …

Wait, is that all I have planned?

Well, I did write a little, too. I took a look at some of the things we’ve seen so far this spring, including some of the ongoing battles for jobs.

Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino and the rest of Team USA play the New York Yankees today in an exhibition in Tampa. Rollins couldn’t wear No. 11, so he’s wearing No. 1. Victorino couldn’t wear No. 8, so he’s wearing No. 50 (he’s from Hawaii, you know).


Thought I’d pick some interesting tidbits from the rest of the Phillies blog world: We Should Be GM’s looks at the rotations in the NL East. … The Fightins continues its countdown of the best moments in the 2008 regular season. It’s at No. 4. … The 700 Level found a photo of the Phanatic playing chess. Didn’t know he could do that. … Beerleaguer has a picture of J.A. Happ with a full head of hair. … Phillies Nation scored an interview with Cole Hamels. Check back tomorrow for that. … Philliesflow looks at how Brett Myers has been pretty effective against lefthanded hitters over his career.


Nomar Garciaparra is close to a deal with Oakland, which isn’t a surprise. Ruben Amaro Jr. said the other day that there was no chance Garciaparra would be joining the Philllies.



Todd, can you post a tv schedule for the WBC games?

Thanks for the WSBGM’s link too. It’ll be interesting to see who people vote for in the poll, as the NL East rotations are the strong point of the division.

Love the picture of Happ with hair! Its one those pictures you try and hide in the bottom of your drawer.

Also the uniform # selection for Rollins & Victorino are terrific!

Do you know why Jimmy couldn’t wear 11 and Shane 8? No one else has # 11 or 8.

11 is taken by Barry Larkin, 8 is taken by Reggie Smith. Both are coaches for the USA team.

Todd, it seems as if there are quite a few people battling over teh bench spots. how does it shape up in your mind? Are we going to see three catchers, will Brunlett be back (though signed etc) since we need a bat more tehn a glove? Will Mayberry or Slater have a chance of making the team (bye bye Stairs?) Who is more impressive amongst the bench infielders so far? What’s with Madson and Donald? neither one seems to be hitting, what is the coaching staff saying? Time to dig a bit deeper and give us some insight as well as straight reporting

Jimmy looks good with the #1 on his uni.

Is it just me or do those uniforms look like something from a slow pitch softball league? I had a front license plate on a Chevy muscle car that looked very much like his shirt. Where is Mr. Blackwell when you need him?

Unfortunately Mr. Blackwell is no longer with us😦 Of course the retro look never goes out of style?!?

FYI, it’s good to see Freddy Garcia back up to his old tricks, now with the Mutts. Here is his line from today’s spring training game:

F Garcia (L,0-2) 2 3 4 4 1 3 2


All that in only two innings?! LOL! And what shock! 0-2.

I like the Team USA jerseys. But how long will they stay white?

Unfortunately, Freddie Garcia won’t make the Mets roster. Camp fodder.

I was listening to the guys on MLB XM radio complaining that the US isn’t taking this WBC seriously enough. The problem is that the pitchers aren’t any where near ready this time of year so, from my perspective, it’s just exhibition baseball. I don’t want Cole Hamels stretching himself out this early and I’m sure the Yankees don’t want CC Sabathia doing the same.
Teams like the Japanese, Cubans and Koreans have the upper hand because they have been training with this in mind. It’s way more important to them, but so be it.

Let’s face it, the WBC isn’t even a blip on the radar for 99.9% of US sports fans. This time of year is all about College Basketball and NFL free agency. Even the start of the baseball season doesn’t get much attention. I think the WBC is a good idea but frankly the execution leaves alot to be desired. A better idea would be to have Baseball back in the Olympics and just suspend play during that time, like the NHL does. To American, the WBC means as much as the World Cup, so if it is important to those other countries, go for it.

Todd, is there a reason why Coste has only one at bat so far in spring training? Is he hurt? Are they going to give him a chance to compete for the catcher/right handed pinch hitter spot?

I think the WBC is stupid! All it is is exhibition baseball. And at the worst possible time. Hopefully, no one gets injured.

Like Deb said, just put it back in the Olympics.

Here’s the TV schedule for the WBC: To answer a few other quesitons: Coste has tightness in his hamstring, and he’s day-to-day. I’ll try to catch up with him Wednesday to see what’s up. As far as how I see the bench shaping up: I get the feeling the Phillies want a right-handed bat to emerge before the end of spring training. If not, they could stick with Jenkins, Stairs and Dobbs. The Phillies have been very impressed with Mayberry. Very impressed. I think he’s working himself into the conversation for a bench job, but there’s a long way to go. I don’t see three catchers making the bench because Charlie would like some versatility defensively, if possible. Of the infielders, everybody has had some memorable moments: Giles, Cairo, Ozuna. Donald is pressing at the plate, but the Phillies still like him. A lot can change between today and April 5. Will Utley be healthy? Will Feliz be healthy? Right now one thing is clear: this team is much deeper than the one that showed up to camp last year. There are a lot of guys who have legit chances to make this team.

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