Your Phillies Medical Report

Just a few injury updates for y’all:

Chase Utley (right hip) is taking grounders and BP, but isn’t sure when he’s going to get into a Grapefruit League game. “I’m getting closer,” he said. “But right now no news is good news.” I suppose that’s true. But it sounds like he’s still on schedule to be in the lineup Opening Day.

Pedro Feliz (lower back) is improving, but he said he isn’t sure when he’ll be getting into a game. The Phillies have said they’re “cautiously optimistic” Feliz will be in the lineup Opening Day.

Jayson Werth (right shoulder) said he plans to take BP tomorrow and get into a game Friday.

Chad Durbin (right hamstring) said he is scheduled to throw a bullpen session tomorrow. He could be in a game sometime next week.

Chris Coste (right hamstring) is taking things slowly. He had the same hamstring injury two springs ago. He tired to push it, injured himself further and opened the season on the 15-day disabled list. But as soon as he was activated he was optioned to triple-A Ottawa. He wants to take care of the problem now and have a good three weeks of spring training games to play.


Thanks for the update, hope Coste heals and makes the roster.

Amen, Jimmy!

The Inky’s online sports poll of the day, is “Are you a fan of the WBC”. I put my vote in! Here’s the link……

Sounds like everyone is on the road to recovery. Glad to hear no one appears to rushing things too much. Hope Cole has a good outing 2day.

Is Durbin’s job in jeopardy because of Park? Not necessarily on the roster, but his role in the bullpen.

Todd, did Jason hurt his shoulder throwing? Also, does Coste’s being injured hurt his chances of making the team?

hey all, I’ve been bad about being on line when all of you are. it’s hard with work and all. Great to see so many regulars again. I don’t think Coste’s or Durbin’s chances are affected by injuries. Just being safe, If this was the real season, I assume COste and Werth would be playing through the pain.

Todd, any updates on the game with our northern neighbours?

Nothing wrong with bringing the walking wounded along slowly.
Thanks for the update. Would be nice to see Coste make the roster.

erichh1….I think Jayson hurt his shoulder during BP.

Jeff….Do you think the time difference has anything to do with your postings???

Hey Jeff, considering the time difference and work (a minor inconvenience), you do pretty good at keeping up. You are still the blog champion for longest distance Phillies fan. That’s dedication brother. Shalom!

Posted by phan52 in the previous thread……

Two shutout innings for Cole. Stairs is playing RF for Canada. eek!!

Mayberry hit HR. Howard was 2 for 2. Phils beat the Canucks 9-2…beauty eh?! (LOL!)

And Ibanez hit another double! There might be quite the competition for highest avg. this year. Chase? Raul? Ryan? Maybe even Mayberry?!

Seems as if we are hitting the ball fine. El Zorro is actually complaining that Charlie played 4 lefties today and batted them in a row. Try explaining that these games don’t count…not to mention that Ibanez seems to be the hitter we were promised. What is the record for most Doubles in grapefruit league??

How did the other pitchers besides Cole do?

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