J-Roll Talks Ribs, USA

Jimmy Rollins caused a mini-stir (at least for a few Phillies beat writers) when he mentioned yesterday a sore back has bothered him since November.

He said today he’s OK.

He also said it’s a rib on the right side of his back.

“It was just tight,” he said before the Phillies played Team USA at Bright House Field. “I should have stretched it out, that’s all.”

Rollins said he has had the problem in the past, but that he won’t do anything foolish to force him to miss time this season. He said he learned that lesson last season when he tried to play through a sprained left ankle last season.

“The trainer for Team USA contacted us yesterday to let us know Jimmy has had some discomfort,” Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said. “We didn’t know about it. He hadn’t reported it to Scott (Sheridan). It can’t be that big of a deal if he’s playing. We’ve just to make sure he takes care of itself.”


Rollins, on representing the United States: “I don’t really have a choice in that.”

You mean because the Netherlands didn’t call?

“No, I was really surprised that South African didn’t call,” Rollins joked.


Kyle Kendrick retired seven of the first eight batters he faced, but found trouble in the third inning against Team USA. And a couple Phillies teammates started it. Shane Victorino hit a chopper over Ryan Howard‘s head for a one-out single. He moved to third when Kendrick’s throw to first got away from Howard. Rollins singled through the hole to put runners at the corners, and Dustin Pedroia singled through the hole between first and second to score Victorino.

Chipper Jones followed with a three-run homer to left field.


He didn’t “really have a choice in that”? A lot of players, declined. I know it’s an honor……but come on J.Roll!

aw, I thought this post was about a BBQ joint that Jimmy liked.

Longtime Phillies fan, first time blogger. Didn’t you used to work as a journalist? What made you take a publicity job for MLB? Good luck.

Glad to see Kendrick had a decent outing and that the Phils on team USA did well. Willowmain: Hate to complain about your first post, but Todd is still a journalist. if you read his stuff you will see that he still shows his contempt for MLB when needed. What did the Phils do so far in the game? As usual I am blacked out from hearing or seeing the game (do I get my pity party now??)

Hey willowmain I guess you didn’t follow the Phillies in the Philadelphia Inquirer the last few years. Cause if you had you would have noticed Todd’s name attached to 90% of the stories, since he was the Phillies beat writer. As to why he came to the MLB, I think the fact that newspapers are dying (and in fact the owner of the Inq recently declared bankruptcy) might have had something to do with it.🙂 Oh, and what Todd does here is hardly publicity. He does the same reporting and so far seems just as independant in his writing and reporting here as he did at the Inq.

jeff and deb, please don’t feed the trolls. If you really feel like responding, I suggest you sign up for free Viagra samples with your e-mail “willowmain@gmail.com”

Hey Todd when was Joe Bisenius added to the team USA roster? I noticed his name in the box score today

Todd, Was Kendrick’s 3rd and Bastardo as bad as the box score seems to indicate? what other insights can you give us after this game?

Todd what do you think about Howard thus far in the spring? Do you think since he is having a decent spring it will carry over to the begining of the regular season?

Maybe willowmain was trying to be funny. Give him/her a break. Don’t go chasing new bloggers away. We need as many as we can get!

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