It's a Doubleheader Day

b game.jpgThe Phillies are playing a “B” game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Bright House Field before they meet tonight for a Grapefruit League game tonight at Dunedin Stadium, which has the strangest smelling press box in Florida.

Here are a few highlights so far from the B game:

Jayson Werth struck out looking on six pitches in the first inning (he took all six pitches), but ripped a 2-1 pitch from B.J. Ryan through the hole into left field for a single in the third inning. He finished 1 for 4. He said he felt fine afterward, and expects to begin playing Grapefruit League games.

Brett Myers allowed six hits, five runs, two walks and two home runs in three innings. He struck out three. Scott Rolen hit a two-run homer against him in the first, and Kevin Millar hit a three-run homer against him in the third. What happened? Myers threw primarily fastballs and changeups, which is his fourth pitch. But the problem was that his changeup wasn’t good. He’s trying to develop his changeup into more of a weapon.

It’s a hitter’s day. Andy Tracy, Tuffy Gosewisch and Chris Walker have homered for the Phillies in a 12-7 loss.


Pedro Feliz said his back felt fine after taking live BP yesterday. He said he’s doing everything except, you know, playing in games. He is hopeful it won’t be long before that happens. He also said he thinks he should be in the lineup Opening Day.


Looks like it was Bad Brett today. I have a feeling we’ll be experiencing the Myers Rollercoaster all season long.

Brett…..OUCH! I thought “the pitchers were ahead of the hitters”?

And where the heck is everybody, in the above pic???

Definitely not a good day for Brett, I agree that we may experience this rollercoaster all season long, I really hope maybe he can get this out of his system now and then be ready to go by the time the season starts. Todd what do you think about Howard so far this spring, can this carry over to the start of the season?

Norma: U R right it looks like a ghost town!

Hope Brett is working out the kinks B4 the season starts.

packed house for today’s game……

Norma, everybody’s waiting for you to hit town and get the party started. Todd, do they even sell tickets to a B game? I don’t remember them doing it but was never there for B game dates, except when I was younger and that was at Jack Russsel stadium.

Something to keep in mind with Brett is that he lost ALOT of weight this off season. That has to effect his delivery. His body just feels different now when he pitches. It is gonna take him some time to get use to it, not to mention the usual off season rust. I wouldn’t worry just yet, his previous start was ok.

Free admission to B games, but most people don’t know about them. Only hard core fans come to these things. I’d say there might be more scouts in the stands than fans.

debindixie, good point about his weight loss. I’m not worried about Brett; he’ll be okay. Would everyone feel better if he pitched lights-out like last spring? We all remember what happened to him when the games really counted. Dubee knows what he’s doing with the pitching staff. Brett wants to add another pitch to his repertoir, and it’s not coming easy. He didn’t need it last year and he doesn’t need it this year. He’s got the best curveball for a right-handed pitcher in baseball. That’s his money pitch!! When that pitch gets smacked around, I’ll start worrying.

You may be surprised that anybody cares, but what’s the score?

Score, something like 12-7. Us being the 7. Only 100 people at the game.

This time next week, I’ll be hanging at Frenchy’s Tiki Bar! Meet you there, Todd?

The Phillies won, 12-7.

Well, at least I got the score right!

I haven’t really hung at the Tiki Bar yet, but next week might be a good time to start!

Todd….Were you even paying attention to the game? I saw, in 3 different sources, that the Phils LOST 12-7. Are you sure you haven’t been hanging at the Tiki Bar? LOL!

See you next week!

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