Howard Is A Dangerous Man

holeinwall.jpgAlways keep your eyes open at the ballpark.

Ryan Howard just ripped a foul ball into the Bright House Field press box. The ball cruised between Phillies baseball communications folks Greg Casterioto and Kevin Gregg. Howard hit the ball so ridiculously hard that it put a hole in the drywall in the back of the press box, a good 20 feet behind the open window it sailed through.

Not only did the ball dent the drywall, you can actually see the seams of the ball imprinted on the wall.

Howard looked up into the press box and couldn’t help but laugh when he realized he nearly maimed Gregg and Casterioto.

Howard walked and John Mayberry Jr. followed with a three-run home run, which landed onto the Tiki Pavilion roof to give the Phillies a 3-0 lead. Howard hit a three-run homer to left field in the fifth inning to give the Phillies an 8-1 lead.

“He’s got some sock,” Howard said of Mayberry. “When I heard it, I thought, ‘That’s loud.’ Second, I said, ‘That’s going to hit somebody’s car because it’s going over the tiki bar.’ He’s got good pop everywhere. All across the field. If he gets that shot to be able to put it all together, he’s going to be a force to reckon with. He’s got all the tools. He’s got everything there.”


Let me be the first to say it…holy crap!

Nice pic Todd!

Deb–Those were my thoughts exactly!

Tell Howard to aim better next time. He should really aim for good ol’ Budd, who had no part of the steroid era at all (he’s out badmouthing everyone else while saying how perfect he is again)

Wow, that is crazy! Reminds me of the one time while Ripken was still playing, where he launched a foul ball that ended up destroying Ken Rosenthal’s laptop. hahaha

Damn!!! You guys are gonna have to start wearing helmets, soon. Any video up on YouTube of everyone ducking?!

Glad Howard and Mayberry both hit them hard, in the right direction, later.

Mayberry’s gonna make this team if he keeps this up.

Happ struck out 7 in 3 innings. He’s taking the 5th spot competition by the throat.

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