Phillies vs. Braves – 3/8

We’re back in Lake Buena Vista. Here is the lineup for today’s game against the Braves:

1. Marcus Giles, 3B
2. Jayson Werth, CF
3. Raul Ibanez, LF
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. John Mayberry Jr., RF
6. Jason Donald, 2B
7. Eric Bruntlett, SS
8. Ronny Paulino, C
9. Joe Blanton, P


Phillies assistant general manager Scott Proefrock had an update on Carlos Ruiz, who left yesterday’s WBC game because of a neck injury: “Apparently there was a collision in the game. Subsequent to that, I guess he was chasing a pop up, he flipped his mask off and he felt it. So they took him out of the game. It was diagnosed as a neck strain. He was treated, sent home after the game and they’ll reevaluate him today when he comes back in.”

It doesn’t sound serious, and it’s unclear if Ruiz will play in Panama’s next WBC game.

UPDATE: Ruiz is OK. He is taking BP and is in the starting lineup for today’s game against the Dominican Republic.

UPDATE II: Ruiz told Will Gonzalez, who is covering the WBC for “I feel good. I feel a little sore but I can play.” Ruiz also said he had no regrets about playing in the WBC: “I had to come. The President of Panama called me, and my mom wanted me to do it for our country.”


Hopefully Chooch is okay. I think he’d be better off heading back to Clearwater even if doesn’t play for a day or 2.

Regarding Ruiz, what gets me isn’t that he got hurt a bit, that happens, but the amateur way it seems to have been handled by the Panamanian team. The answer quoted in all the reports, ie: that teh manager said he had to wait a day to find out from a DR what was wrong, and then a pitcher said it was a nerve, so the manager confirmed it, just seems beneath contempt. I had better medical care in highschool cross country. THat is my problem with the WBC, it takes proffessional multi million dollar players and places them on teams run by A league management.

Looks like Carrasco is falling farther back in the competition. Probably for the best. Right now, Happ’s the man. Mayberry took a big step back today too, with three K’s. Right now, Giles looks like the last guy on the bench. JMO.

I’m still biting my tongue on the Ruiz situation. It’s starting to bleed.

Don’t write John, Jr. off, with one bad outing. He might just be a little sore after hitting that one over the Tiki Bar yesterday. Wouldn’t mind seeing Giles make the squad, too. Can’t have too many bench players. Especially righties. And he can spell the infielders once in a while.

Zo….How about driving by, and seeing how the renovations are going on Charlie’s house.

Smart man…always do what the Mom tells ya :O)


Re: question on the MLB medical care – I wonder how much the various countries are making by being in this tourney? Does each country have to pay for all their own equipment, etc.? Meanwhile how much is MLB making on the tourney? Do they fund the US team? Shouldn’t MLB make sure there are doctors at the tourney locations, especially because many of their players are in it and they are overseeing this thing? It would be nice to know how everything is actually managed.

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