Ruiz Hurt?

Carlos Ruiz appeared to have suffered an injury yesterday in the World Baseball Classic.

This is what we know: he left the game, he might have a pinched nerve in his neck.

Panama manager Hector Lopez said in a postgame news conference: “Well, let’s see. We have to wait until tomorrow to see what the doctor says.”

Panama pitcher Bruce Chen said, “Pinched nerve.”

Lopez: “It seems that he has a pinched nerve when he went back.”


Forget for a second whether the WBC should be held during spring training or not. What is for sure is that if the teams can’t provide proper medical care then no MLB players should play. WTF “wait for tomorrow” there’s no DR in teh house in Panama?? Since when does a manager get his medical information from his pitching staff (unless it’s Doc Ellis)? I hope the Phils tell Carlos to forget about this farce and get his Panamanian *** back to Clearwater where he’s needed!!

I’m not saying a word.

He’d be better off heading back to Clearwater even if he doesn’t play for a day or 2. Neck injuries are nothing to mess with.

This could have easily happened while at spring training in Clearwater. BuI I agree with f-i-j that, unless they have the best medical attention available, they shouldn’t be there.

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