Coste Is In

So much for Wednesday …

Chris Coste checked into today’s game in the top of the seventh inning against the Cincinnati Reds at Bright House Field. He caught two innings and went 0 for 1.

Coste said earlier today that he expected to play in a scrimmage at the Carpenter Complex on Wednesday, but why wait? There are 24 more preseason games (22 Grapefruit League games, plus two games against the Tampa Bay Rays in Philadelphia) before the season opener. That should leave Coste plenty of time to secure his backup job behind Carlos Ruiz.

So far Ronny Paulino, who is competing with Coste for that job, is hitting .231 (3 for 13) with a double, home run and two RBIs this spring.


Ruiz is expected to rejoin the team Wednesday. Panama was eliminated in just two games at the World Baseball Classic.


How has Paulino looked on Defense? this is, of course a pretty important part of the role. We know Charlie isn’t overly impressed with COste’s D for some reason.

There was an interesting article about a month ago that rated catchers on a number of defensive sabrematic type stats. Coste was on a par with Ruiz on most, better at some and about middle of the pack with other NL catchers. As a former player who wore the “tools”, I think his mechanics are pretty good, doesn’t block balls as well as Ruiz, but gives a good target and pretty adept at framing an outside pitch to look like a strike. I suspect his deficency is working with pitchers on calling the game, seems like that is a strength with Carlos. I like him a lot, ran into him after a game 2 years ago at spring training in a shopping center with my wife, got to chat, and he seems like a very good guy, couldn’t have been more friendly, really appreciates being in the show and being recognized. I’m rooting hard for him to make it.

I remember going to a couple of games at Reading when Ryan Howard was on his record breaking minor league home run tear. Carlos Ruiz was the catcher and I distinctly remember saying to my kids that, there’s a guy who has no chance to make it in the show. He was so small and looked overmatched at the plate, even in AA. How things have changed.

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