Day Off Today

I got a text message from a buddy today who simply wrote: “His price? Twenty dollars a month.”

Naturally, I replied, “Thanks, Joel.”

Now this has absolutely nothing to do with baseball, but I have to ask: Is it me or is the Select Quote term life insurance commercial with Dan Tullis and Joel Clark one of the worst radio commercials ever? It’s on every five seconds. Would radio stations go out of business if it weren’t for Select Quote?

Clark: Buying term life insurance is easy. Let’s say you take antidepressants or you smoke (Clark really emphasizes the k in smoke.) All insurance companies are going to price that differently. Now we’ll impartially shop all the companies we represent to get you the best rate possible.

Tullis: Can you give me an example? (The best part here is that he sounds totally unnatural. He isn’t even pretending he’s not reading from a script.)

Clark: Sure, I just got a 40-year-old man on blood pressure medication, a $500,000 policy with a highly rated insurance company. His price ..?

Wait for it …

Here it comes …

Oh, my Lord!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Clark: Twenty dollars a month.


Tullis: Thanks, Joel.

Thanks for letting me get this important matter off my chest.


The Hardball Times breaks down Chase Utley‘s defense.


Beerleaguer talks about the 12th man in the bullpen. … The 700 Level tells you how to get tickets for Phillies vs. Mets in New York in May. … We Should Be GM’s has its Garbage Pail Kids: Non Players Edition. They also broke down the NL East bullpens. … The Fightin’s counted down the best moments of the 2008 regular season. Naturally, this was No. 1.


I think the “12th man” is already here, but just might not start the season with the Phils (which is what I guess BL sorta meant). I like the Koplove and Majewski minor league signings and could see one, or both of them logging some quality innings for the Phightins this season.

Doing laundry again on your day off, Todd? (LOL)

Hands down worst commerical(s) ever are the Viva Viagra ads.

Not bad Karen. But the 4 guys driving around in the Mustang convertible stopping to pee every 5 minutes is right up there. How come they keep picking on all us over 50 guys? Can’t get insurance, can’t get it up and always have to go to the bathroom….LOL. Geez!

Nice article about Majewski in today’s Daily News. He says he is healthy and has his stuff back from his Nationals days in 2005. He has six scoreless inning with six K’s and I like his chances to be the 12th man. Besides, Durbin hasn’t pitched an inning yet and who knows if he will be ready.

The Geico ‘pile-of-money-that-you-can-save’ commercial is driving me crazy.

Agree Jimmymack & Phan52. I like the Geico gecko (sp?) better…the Britsh accent makes it so funny.

thanks to DVR, I rarely watch live TV unless it’s sports. If I ever hear another commercial, I’ll go bezerk. WSBGM’s should do Garbage Pail Kids: The Beat Writers Edition. I’m sure there is an Odd Todd card out there.

There is an Odd Todd card, and during the season we may breakout another edition of Garbage Pail Phillies.

By the way, Durbin pitched yesterday, 1 inning I believe.

I vote for ANY Geico commercial being the worse. But that pile of money with the eyes, is just plain weird. I miss the cavemen.

And I’m with you, mrbryan. I scan right through the commercials using my DVR. And this is wierd…..I just heard!

Who gets to count all the balls hit to Chase, to come up with those numbers?! LOL!

This is why I no longer listen to the radio. No stupid commercials on my ipod🙂

I don’t even think that’s Dan Tullis’s real voice – it sounds like they took a higher-pitched voice and lowered it using a pitch shifter – computer. It sounds just creepy to me. Venting – oh no another annoying commercial…..

Change of subject.
Favorite part of “The Perfect Season” video narrated by Lidge:
At the end, during the musical interlude, they have a bunch of vignettes from the season. There is one with Chase turning a double play that is poetry. Nonchalance, while avoiding a violent collision with the runner.
Favorite part of the MLB World Series video:
JRoll getting on Burrell’s case before he went out to bat in the seventh inning of game 5. That’s leadership.

What’s interesting about Rollins talking to Burrell before that at-bat is that Burrell swears he never heard it. I asked him what he remembered about that, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said Jimmy talked a lot to him, so maybe he just tuned him out? Who knows?

Perhaps Pat was too busy thinking of the porn star waiting for him in his apartment?? (just kidding). In any case, whether he heard Rollins or not, it was a great way for him to end his phillie’s tenure.
Thankfully, I have none of those commecials here. I can tell you all about lousy Israeli commecials though (believe me, they are the WORST around)

The voice(s) in the Select Quote commercial is/are the SAME GUY! That’s what drives me nuts about it. He has such a unique voice – the “deepness” (depth?), his cadence and speech patterns – why they would use him to do both roles is absurd to me. One may or may not be pitch controlled (the creepy one); the other has a ‘telephone’ effect on it. But it’s the same guy. It’s like listening to a poor acting, K-Mart version of James Earl Jones in an asylum, doing a really bad version of “Who’s on First?” with himself just to get through another day.

Do you know how much I would pay to lock that voice actor (and maybe the commercial’s producers) in a padded room with that Dan Tullis and Joel Clark ad pumped in over a loud speaker non-stop for an entire year?? You guessed it…… 20 dollars a month.

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