Phillies vs. Braves – 3/11

bright house 0311.jpgCarlos Ruiz and Matt Stairs are back from the World Baseball Classic.

Pedro Feliz, Brad Lidge and Chad Durbin are scheduled to play at noon today in a scrimmage across the street at DiMaggio Field.

Here’s today lineup for the game against the Braves at Bright House Field:

1. Jason Donald, 3B
2. Eric Bruntlett, SS
3. Raul Ibanez, LF
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Jayson Werth, CF
6. John Mayberry Jr., RF
7. Marcus Giles, 2B
8. Carlos Ruiz, C
9. Kyle Kendrick, P

Kendrick is putting him well behind J.A. Happ and Chan Ho Park for the fifth spot in the rotation. He allowed 10 hits and eight runs in three-plus innings, including two two-run home runs to Clint Sammons. Braves pitcher Jo-Jo Reyes followed Sammons, doubling in the second and singling in the fourth.

Not a good day for Kendrick.


Here is the lineup for the scrimmage across the street, which begins at noon: 1. J.J. Furmaniak, 2B; 2. Chris Coste, C; 3. Pedro Feliz, 3B; 4. Andy Tracy, 1B; 5. Jorge Velandia, SS; 6. Richard Thompson, CF; 7. Chris Walker, LF; 8. Jason Ellison, RF; 9. Mike Cervenak, DH.

Feliz went 1 for 2 with a hit by pitch. Coste went 1 for 2 with a home run and a hit by pitch. Myers allowed two hits and struck out seven in five-plus innings. Park allowed two hits and one run in three innings. He allowed the shomer to Coste. He also allowed Feliz’s single up the middle. Durbin allowed two hits and one run in one inning. He struck out one. Lidge allowed one run in one inning. He allowed a homer to J.J. Furmaniak.


Good to see some of our guys getting back into action. Hopefully they are healthy are fully ready to begin the march to the World Series of 2009.

Glad to see Chooch back in a game. Hopefully that neck problem isn’t too big.

Just watched an interview with Chase on the Phils website. He seems to be on track for opening day. (Keep our fingers crossed!)
Glad Chooch & Stairs are back with the team.

Wow, I haven’t even heard of a few of these guys. Who are: Furmaniak, Velandia, Thomson, and walker? Are any of them projected to hit the big leagues in the next 2-3 years??

Is Richard Thompson a singer? (LOL!)

Karen, thanks for making me feel less stupid for not knowing who the F these guys are

I had the same thought about the scrimmage, but thought I’d throw out the singer connection to make me seem cool & hip since you hear the singer Richard Thompson on XPN.

zo, any idea who’s pitching friday?

Kendrick leaving things up and getting rocked again.
With a third of the Grapefruit League in, Happ is looking like he’s in the driver seat.

I’m not watching or listening, but from what the MLB box score has he gave up one hit in teh first, and Werth took care of the runner. What has happened since??

if it is a scrimmage, what is teh other line-up? or is this different then a inter-quad game??

FIJ: The scrimmage is the intra-squad game which features the line-up of unknowns.

Kendrick’s game is the Grapefruit league games. Yikes! He balked and allowed several runs hmmm?!?

Kendrick’s line today has him giving up 7 runs. Lots of long balls. Hitters are sitting on him in a big way.

Karen, my question was how can their only be one lineup in a game? If it is an inter-quad game, then who is playing against this lineup of unknowns? whiel the unknowns bat, who fields??

Kendrick is so pathetic (Final line: 3+, 8 ER, 10 H). Mayberry just went yard again, dude is raking this spring.

FIJ-Gotcha! Maybe they were just testing the pitchers since most were coming off injuries and the rest were having a “glorified” batting practice since they’re newbies and with the exception of Feliz & Coste who are also coming off injuries.

Sorry, the other lineup for the scrimmage was minor leaguers from the Carpenter Complex. We never got that lineup before we went over to watch.

Pretty clear, at this point, who our fifth starter is NOT going to be…

Kendrick…. OUCH!! Say hello to Allentown.
Hopefully you learn a few new pitches.

Lidge gave up a HR to a minor leaguer?! Bet that guy felt good! LOL!

Zo…..What was Kendrick’s body language saying? Can’t wait to hear from Dubee on this one.

Thanks todd for clearing that up. I thought we were witnessing the movie with Kevin Costner for a minute (all the great players in the corn field). So was kendrick as bad as it sounds?? Can we officially buy him his ticket to Japan now. What was a joke last year is pretty serrious this spring. He is resembling Marty Bystrom more and more

If you like comebacks, this afternoon sure turned interesting. Another good AB for Mayberry.

I’d like to know which of his fellow players hit Coste and Feliz, who just came off the DL!! Hello, you do not his your teammate who is coming back from back surgery with a pitch! If I was Charlie, I’d be a wee bit POed. I hope they are both ok.

As for Lidge giving up a HR, it is his first outing. The fact that Myers went 5 plus and fanned 7 and only gave up 2 hits is comforting.

As for the 5th spot, I’d say it’s between Park and Happ now. Kendricks it out. I feel bad for him. I will always remember what he did for us in ’07 and wish him the best.

Let’s not stomp all over the grave of Kyle Kendrick just yet. Yes, he’ll probably start the year in Allentown. But he’s one pitch away from being an every day major leaguer, and it’s probably a changeup. Is there a reason why he does not want to become an extreme sinkerball pitcher in the mold of Carlos Silva or Brandon Webb?

Blanton, Mosebach and Madson pitch Friday. I think somebody asked that earlier. Park hit both Feliz and Coste. Feliz got nicked on the side. The ball that hit Coste only nicked his jersey.

So if I understand correctly, Happ had a great outing the other day. Carlos hasn’t had a good outing since his first one. Kendrick got beat up (again) today, and Park hit two of his team mates. Me thinks Happ is going to be going north as #5!! and to all of you against three lefties, stop worrying. we have “too many” lefites in teh line-up so it’s only fitting to have “too many” in the rotation as well.

C’mon guys, remember that without Kendrick we probably don’t win the division in 07 & maybe 08, so let’s cut him some slack. This isn’t Eaton. Man, ya hit a rough stretch and the pallbearers can’t wait to line up and carry you away. Hope he gets himself straight in Allentown, sounds like his confidence is shot and he needs to get his head right (besides finding another pitch).

I think most folks realize Kendrick is probably headed for Allentown and hope his stint there is helpful and that he returns to the majors soon.

Don’t think its so much pall bearers as people expecting Kyle to show that he had improved during the off-season and seeing him getting bombed in his last two spring training starts. Obviously he won’t be seen as even trade bait after this start. Hopefully, a stint in Allentown, regaining some confidence, learning a new pitch or two and putting his emotions in check should bring him back. It’s looking like its a race between Happ and Park now.

Yeah JM, I love Kendrick and said so. But he obviously needs some more work. But I hope he can find it and come through for us. As for Park, yes he did hit two of his teammates (DOH!) but it sounds like he barely got Coste. Having a pitcher that will nail someone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If someone is crowding the plate they deserve it. I still say it is between Park and Happ, but Happ obviously has the edge because the Phils want Park more in the bullpen.

Jimmy: I personally like Kendrick and want him to be a part of this team for years to come. However, as they say, what you did for me yesterday is nice but doesn’t help me tomorrow. He needs to get a changeup or other pitch to help his sinker. Until then, he is of no use to the team in the big leagues. I’m also worried about his maturity. Getting fustrated like he did his last start isn’t good. I hope he’ll pull a Myers and go down for a while, straighten himself out and come back to help the team. In the meantime, Happ is the man

Park gave up two hits and one run in three innings today at Joe D. Field, according to T-Mac on the radio broadcast. Myers pitched five and gave up no runs. It’s a scrimmage, of course.

Feliz said he thought about charging the mound when he got hit, but then he thought that maybe Park knew karate. Funny guy.

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