Watch Out, Bro


Ryan Howard nearly decapitated Phillies media relations folks Greg Casterioto and Kevin Gregg last Saturday when he ripped a foul ball through an open press box window. The ball flew between the two, and hit the back wall on the fly. The ball not only put a hole in the dry wall, which is about 20 feet behind the press box windows, but it hit so hard that it left impressions of its seams on the wall.

Howard stopped into the press box today and signed his handy work.


Watch Out, Bro.


That reminds me of the time Norm Charlton took a come-backer of his noggin. Watch Out, Bro, indeed!

I think it is kinda cool that he signed it.

Pete Rose broke my pinkie with a foul ball in 1981. Shoulda had a glove.

Haha that’s awesome that he signed it.

That is some serious heat. I think I see the pitchers fingerprints.

That is great. Howard has become legendary in Clearwater!

Loved that he signed it! A true “artist” at work!

Todd, why don’t you sneak in there later on and tear that section of drywall out. You could probably make a mint selling it on Ebay, that is if you’re not arrested.

Begs the question – if the ball had hit the announcers, would Ryan have signed their noggin?

A Rubber Door

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