Phillies vs. Pirates – 3/13

tikibar.jpgHere is the lineup for today’s game against the Pirates at Bright House Field:

1. Eric Bruntlett, LF
2. Jason Donald, SS
3. Raul Ibanez, DH
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Jayson Werth, CF
6. John Mayberry Jr., RF
7. Pedro Feliz, 3B
8. Miguel Cairo, 2B
9. Carlos Ruiz, C

Scheduled to pitch: Joe Blanton, Bobby Mosebach and Ryan Madson.


We took a look yesterday at the bench situation. I’m really not sure which way it will break, and I’m not sure the Phillies do, either. But I do sense they prefer Jason Donald and John Mayberry Jr. get regular at-bats in the minor leagues than get a couple pinch-hit at-bats a week in the majors, if possible. The last man on Charlie Manuel‘s bench doesn’t get many at-bats (i.e. Michael Bourn, So Taguchi, Alex Gonzalez), and that could impede their progress. So I get the feeling the Phillies will have to decide if they want three lefthanders on their bench (Greg Dobbs, Geoff Jenkins and Matt Stairs) or go with one of the veteran righthanded bats they have in camp (Miguel Cairo, Marcus Giles and Pablo Ozuna).


The Yahoo! Answer Man interviews Shane Victorino with special guest appearances from Marcus Giles and Jon Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus Eight. … Phinally Philly takes a look at the Wall of Fame nominees. … The Fightins has the ad Pat Burrell placed in The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News today.


Nice, informative article about the bench situation, Todd. I really don’t see them going without one of the righthanded bats, so I think Stairs chances of making the team is remote. Considering the different contract situations for the righties I think they’ll kepp Cairo, with Giles and Ozuna in reserve at Lehigh because of the nature of their contract options. Mayberry and Donald need to play everyday although it is very obvious that Chollie really likes Donald a lot.
What’s up with Werth? Did he come into camp in really bad shape or something?

Hey Todd, did you know you’re still posting on For some reason Andy’s blog entry today says “Post by Todd Zolecki @ 9:36am” Must be a Friday the 13th “whammy”?!?

eewwww! that banner is too pink, Zo. How about a darker shade of red, closer to the Phils’ actual color?

Oh, and did you all catch the ad Pat Burrell placed in the Inky and Daily News? Pretty classy move.
Must have got the idea from Jenkins doing that in Milwaukee last year.

Sully28….saw the Burrell ad in the Inky this a.m. Really cool and very classy. Also agree about the color scheme. The black border on the right needs to changed also.

okay either my computer is possessed or there’s there’s gremlins on this website because the minute I commented on the color scheme volia/presto it changed or maybe I have more power than I thought (LOL!)

No, I noticed it, too. I’m not sure if that was a glich or not, but that color scheme wasn’t very appealing to the eye so I switched it back.

If everyone is healthy, looks like it will be Giles or Cairo on the bench; they are more versatile than Stairs and yeah, Jenks will be hard to move. But what if Feliz or Utley is not ready? Think they’ll hang on to Donald until the injured returns?


I live in LA, so I don’t get any Philly newspapaers. Did Burrell really pay for that one page ad to be placed in the Inquirer as well as the Daily News? The CEOs of both papers should personally thank him for keeping paper-based media financially viable for a little longer. The irony is that those papers, especially the Daily News seemed to feed the Phan animosity against him for the past decade.

Burrell probably paid for that ad at a cut rate. And kudos to Zo for anticipating the tough times ahead for the paper by moving the Zone over to MLB. 😉

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