We Are Under Attack!

bee body.jpgIt appears we are under a killer bee attack at Bright House Field.

OK, they might not be killer bees. But there is a massive swarm of something hovering behind home plate. They appeared out of nowhere in the fourth inning and forced most people to abandon their seats behind the Phillies dugout.

(The real gamers stayed where they were.)

But the thought crossed my mind that dying from a killer bee attack while sitting in the pressbox during a meaningless spring training game was not exactly the way I had pictured moving into the afterlife. I guess that’s why I closed my press box window.

Thankfully, a good wind gust forced the bees elsewhere. They should be swarming the Carpenter Complex at this moment.

bees 0315.jpg

OK, I’m told they were bees. Here’s a shot from the field toward the press box. Here we can see Phillies director of baseball communications Greg Casterioto looking inquisitively at the mayhem outside. Inquirer baseball writer Jim Salisbury, who is seen seated in the window to Casterioto’s right, is a gamer and maintains his focus on the field.


Ha ha! Tom McCarthy and Gary Matthews had been talking about it on TV. They confirmed it is/was bees too. Stay safe! Maybe find a way to lure them toward the Cardinals dugout…?

Has anybody looked at Park’s stats from the past 5 years? I dont think he will last as a starter. He hasn’t started in some time, and last year was his best in a long time, as a reliever. Its good to know they got Happ waiting in the wing.

Well, I was THERE. Sitting the next section over. If they were bees, they were pretty d**** small. And the folks leaving their seats, weren’t in a panic or anything. Maybe full size bees can’t live in the Florida heat.

Todd, sorry we couldn’t meet up. I think we should have a ZoZone get together at CBP during the season.

My favorite stat of the day was……Matt Stairs: 1 SB (stolen base) priceless!


We cheered as loud for Stairs’ stolen base, as any of his HR’s! Of course, it was probably *defensive indifference*. But who cares? It was still a stolen base.


I loled at this!!


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