Manuel Is Not Happy

The Yankees absolutely smoked the Phillies today at George M. Steinbrenner Field, 12-0.

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel couldn’t have been more upset with the way his team played in the field. I normally cringe when a manager or pitcher says he threw better than his line indicated, but that was the case with Kendrick. Kendrick allowed five runs in four innings, but he got no help defensively. Bobby Mosebach had a similar problem when he pitched.

Charlie, the defense. Your thoughts?

“We had some shabby defense,” Manuel said. “(Kendrick’s) line definitely should have been better. We made mistakes. We made a hell of a lot of (bleeping) mistakes. That was really a nice game. I think any game like that (ticks) you off, but the best thing you can do is (bleeping) go out there and get on the bus and forget about that son of a (gun). Yeah, that was a horse (bleep, bleeping) game. If I played in that (bleeping) game I definitely (bleeping) would take a good inventory of myself. That was a horse (bleep) game. They don’t get no better than that. God (darn) it, that’s terrible.

“I’d say we kind of (bleeping) hit rock bottom there for a while.”


SO I guess Charlie was bleeping mad at the bleping players and how they bleeping played. Nice to see he can still bleeping curse like a good Southern boy.

Todd, do you get the impression that charlie wasn’t happy with his team today?? LMFAO

When did Chollie get replaced with Beeker from the Muppets? Will Dr. Honeydew be taking over as bench coach?

OMG…Charlie cusses like a bleeping sailor! That is awesome :O) Nice of him to give us all a big giggle while the team is playing like horse bleep! He is my hero ;O)


As the manager of the World Bleeping Champions, I’d neither expect nor want nothing less.

Bleepin’ Chollie is just letting the bleepin’ guys who are trying to make the bleepin’ bench know that they have just as much bleepin’ responsibility as the bleepin’ starters. I mean, they ARE the bleepin’ World Champions.

How many of us will be BLEEPING BLEEPS when they BLOW ANOTHER BLEEPING opening day!!!!!

OUCH! Oh wait, I mean….BLEEP! And not just for the score. I hope Chuck bleeped into the bleeping team, too! Who was in the bleeping lineup any bleeping way?

Team USA was smoked by Puerto Rico the other day. So bad, that they called the *mercy* rule after 7 innings, when it was 12-1, I think. Wonder what that issue was? Fielding? Lack of hitting? Both? And did Team USA’s manager bleep his way through the clubhouse? Oh, I forgot…….Nobody bleeping cares!

Norma, the issue was having too many days off between games for the position players. As for pitching, they have the only guys they could get who are putting representing their country ahead of preparing for the season with their tewammates. I think true baseball fans should watch the WBC (if for no other reason) just to see minor league players from around the world playing meaningful games.

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