Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Courtesy of We Should Be GM’s. Hilarious. Nice work, fellas.


Here is today’s lineup against the Reds at Bright House Field:

1. Chase Utley, 2B
2. Eric Bruntlett, SS
3. Raul Ibanez, LF
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Matt Stairs, RF
6. Pedro Feliz, 3B
7. John Mayberry, Jr., CF
8. Carlos Ruiz, C
9. Brett Myers, P


Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer meets with the Phillies tomorrow morning to talk about the media or politics or something.


Check back later for results from Cole Hamels‘ exam in Philadelphia.


LOL that video is slightly disturbing.

Are the Phillies going to get to make a trip to the White House soon like a lot of WS teams have done in the past?

I like how Charlie has Utley leading off so he can get his at bats in and then take the rest ofthe game off and rest that hip.

That video is disturbing…disturbingly hilarious!

Chollie lost some serious weight!!

Good to see Chase and Pete Happy both in the lineup. I frankly wouldn’t care if the US goes down tonight. I want Rollins and Vic back in camp.

Is it my imagination or have we not seen very much of Coste even though he’s back from his little injury? What’s the story there

Phan52…Pete Happy (Pedro Feliz) LOL!!

Kinda scary that Ari Fleischer is coming to speak w/the Fightins’…not a fan of the Bush “groupies”

relax, all ari wants are free tickets to the Met’s games

Looks like Chuck lost, what?……200 lbs? LOL! I love JibJab!

topped it – http://mlblogs.mlblogs.com

happy st. pat’s day!


Maybe Ari is a front man lobbying for W as the next commish. He’s screwed up the country enough, I don’t want him messing with my baseball. He’s a DH man. Yuck!!!!

True, there would be less chance of free tickets if we had W as commish.

I hope action-figure dolls based on that video aren’t going to replace the bobbleheads this year!!

I think Mark copied you!


Surprisingly well-written and informative for a free online acrtlie.

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