Hamels' Arm Remains Intact

I didn’t have to make the two-day trip to Jupiter, so I got to watch Cole Hamels long toss today at Bright House Field.

His left elbow is still attached.

“I went out from 150 feet and didn’t feel anything, so that’s good,” he said. “I did my workouts. I didn’t feel any tightness. I felt a little soreness from where the needle went in, but all the other areas where I was feeling tightness I didn’t feel anything. That’s great.”

Chan Ho Park, who has some soreness in his left hamstring, threw a bullpen session this morning. He is scheduled to pitch Saturday, but said he will have a better idea tomorrow if he can make that start.


Good news about Cole. Glad to hear park was able to throw despite his Hamstring. Hopefully he’ll be able to take his turn as sheduled. Rethinking Happ’s last start. He had a pretty good outing, despite the runs. He gave up 3 hits in 4 innings, I believe? It was just too bad that 2 of them were HRs.

Why aren’t you going to Jupiter? that’s two games you’ll miss. What are we going to do for our Phillie’s fix??

There is no way I would go to Jupiter either. I’m assuming it’s a road trip (not flying) and that’s a long way to go. The PGA tour is at Innisbrook this weeek and what I would be doing is playing golf in the morning, and then going over to Innisbrook to watch a game with which I am unfamiliar. Those guys are good.

It’ll be nice to have J-Roll and Victorino back with the team next week. Give J-Roll some actually playing time since Capt. Jeter seems to playing more than he does.

Karen, you call what jeter does playing??

I’ve only seen about 5 mins. of WBC and seen a few highlights on ESPN. Also know Rollins is one of the best SS in the MLB (even Tim McCarver & Joe Buck admited that)

Jeter used to be the prmier SS in the game. Today, he’s a has been who survives on his past glory only. If he was trying to break in playing like he does now he’d be sent to AA. J-Roll is the best SS in the game!!

I read an article (I’ll try to find it) yesterday about how the powers-that-be are trying to weigh the difference between the importance of winning vs the importance of marketing. The decision whether to play Jeter or Rollins at SS is at the center of the debate. I don’t see how it is even a question. If winning isn’t the ultimate goal then don’t bother and let us have our players back.

They question (I didn’t see the article) would seem to be as a result of the NBA and NFL’s success with marketting overseas. In both cases certain teams are oversea’s favorites and draw fans and thus create huge revenue. While we may hate them, the Yankees are MLB’s best team for marketting purposes and thus it makes sense to play Jeter for maximum exposure. Since MLB (as apposed to the US) cares about cash, they want as many Yankees as possible, or at worse, as many “household names” playing. Phila players, despite teh WS aren’t known around the world. I can attest to this as here, in Israel, I see 20 Yankee hats, and 10 Mutts or LA hats for every Phillie hat I see being worn

Blanton pitched a gem today and Lidge pitched a scoreless (two hits) inning.


FIJ: Love being the underdog that the Phils are. Makes us unique worldwide.

Thanks phan52 for the update on Blanton & Lidge. Good news!

I do love them. It’s great when my kids and I walk down Jerusalem’s streets in our Phillie hats, making faces at the tourists in their Yankee and Mutts gear

fan_in _jerusalem, any chance of you speaking up for all of us and declaring the Phillies God’s team in the Holy Land?

Yeah Blanton pitched great today. And he has played rather well all Spring Training. I think he could have a really good year this year. I think he wants to show last year was just an off year for him.


Guess you have never heard of a guy named Hanley Ramirez or Jose Reyes. I’m as big a Jimmy fan as anyone, but he is not the best SS in baseball. Also remember that Jeter will turn 35 this year. He has had a long and prosperous career and is a sure-fire HOFer, can’t really say that about Jimmy who is 5 years younger than him.

Sorry hollywood, but the debate is about defense and, when it comes to defense, JRoll is the best. Ramirez, who is probably the best offensively by far, can’t carry JRoll’s glove.

And as far as the WBC is concerned, the US team is making a big mistake by DHing JRoll instead of Jeter if the goal is winning. As f-i-j pointed out, Jeter is playing SS because of marketing, not because he is better. Jeter hasn’t been anywhere near the top defensively in years and has NEVER been the defensive player JRoll is.

I agree about the defense, not many good fielding SS’s out there these days, Jimmy is far and away the best fielding SS. Jeter is basically the captain too because of his leadership skills, I think that is another big reason why he is starting over J-Roll as wrong as it might seem. No question at this point of their careers that Jimmy is the better player. And phan, nowhere in jerusalem’s posts did it say defense, his statement was that Jimmy is the best SS in the league which is not true.

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