Hamels Could Pitch In Season's Fourth Game

Cole Hamels pitches tomorrow in a Minor League Spring Training game. If it goes well, he will pitch in a Grapefruit League game March 29 and an exhibition game against Tampa Bay on April 3 or 4.

So Opening Night on April 5 is out, unless he pitches incredibly well March 29.

“It’s a very, very, very small shot, if at all,” Rich Dubee said. “But saying that isn’t saying he can’t pitch the fourth game of the season and not miss a start.”

That would be April 10 against the Colorado Rockies in Denver.


Todd, now that several guys have been sent to minor league camp, can you provide us the roster of guys that are still in big league camp?


battles and thier participants:

5th Starter: Happ vs: Park Winner–Happ, Park to Pen
back up catcher: Paulino vs Croste. Neither had a good spring. COste wins-we know what he can do
25th player: we know that Dobbs, Coste, brunlett and jenkins make the team. With a 12 man pitching staff, you get 5 on the bench. The last guy is:
Paricipants: Mayberry, GIles, Cairo, Stairs: Winner Cairo With both Utley and Felix coming back from injuries, extra help in inf is needed, just in case. Anything long term brings Donalds up form teh Minors. Mayberry comes up if Jenkins is traded, or if their is a meltdown or injury.
Last pen spot: Until Romero returns. Doesn’t know who is left at this point. Todd, your opinion?

Is Park suppose to a an “innings eater” if he goes to the pen? Also I thought I read somewhere that Eyre was going to take over Romero’s spot until he returns (I could be wrong on both counts).

Todd: I give you credit for having to Twitter, Facebook, blog and oh yeah….write a column! Makes me dizzy thinking about it?!?

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