More Bench Talk, Donald Sent to Minors

Miguel Cairo went 1 for 1 with two RBIs in today’s 8-3 victory over the Yankees. He’s hitting .286 this spring.

I think he’s the favorite to win a bench job should the Phillies decide they must have an extra righthanded bat for the bench. I also think he has the edge if the Phillies decide to open the season with 11 pitchers.

“I think he can play all the positions,” Charlie Manuel said. “I think he’s a good utility player. His bat is starting to show up. He’s starting to come on big with his bat. I think that’s a big plus for him.”

Marcus Giles (.182) went 1 for 1.


The Phillies re-assigned Jason Donald, Dave Borkowski and Jake Woods to Minor League camp. Donald hit .296 in the Grapefruit League, but with Jimmy Rollins returning to camp tomorrow he was about to see a serious cut in playing time. The Phillies like Donald a lot, so they would like to see him play every day at Triple-A Lehigh Valley.


No on Cairo! We already have Bruntlett as a RH utility player. From the leftside, we have Dobbs as a super-sub/utility player. Stairs is the perfect LH pinch hitter. We need some youth, athleticism & pop on the bench. Mayberry played 100 games in AAA last year. He doesn’t need any more time at AAA. He crushed LH pitching last year. He’s crushing the ball this spring and has even stolen a few bases. Assuming Feliz & Utley are in the lineup on opening day. He would be the perfect fit for a 4th/5th outfielder.

Has anybody on the Phillies taken the time to look at Cairo’s career stats ? The guy is an awful hitter who adds nothing to this team. He’s Thomas Perez and we already have him in Eric Bruntlett. Just because Cairo is hitting well in April, it does not change the fact that he stinks.

They definitely need another righthanded bat besides Bruntlett. You seem to be forgetting Jenkins so there won’t be a spot for Stairs, since he is just an older version of Jenkins. Mayberry needs to play, not sit on a bench. I was hoping that it could be Coste if Paulino made the club, but he isn’t hitting at all and they are stealing bases against him at will, so they will still need Coste to be the backup catcher. If Chollie like Cairo, I like Cairo. He’s the man!

Mayberry is 25 years old. He’s no kid. He is who he is. He played in 114 games in AAA last year. His splits are not on his player page anymore. But, I know he slugged over .700 against LH pitching. His combined SLG was .474.
He’s a platoon/bench player. He’s exactly what the Phillies need right now. What good will it do to give him another year in AAA?

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