Amaro Talks Roster

The Phillies have less than two weeks to figure out how they want their 25-man roster to look Opening Night.

The rotation? I still think the Phillies prefer J.A. Happ over Chan Ho Park because Park could help them more in the bullpen. If it breaks like that, I think Gary Majewski could get the final bullpen job.

The bench? The Phillies have been shopping Geoff Jenkins, but without much luck. There is a report the Phillies could ship Kyle Kendrick to the Rockies for utility player Jeff Baker, but Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said, “I don’t know if that’s a fair trade, actually.” The Phillies also have been talking to the Red Sox about Lou Marson, which I wrote a bit about yesterday. But it doesn’t sound like anything is happening there, either.

The Phillies in recent seasons have picked up David Dellucci and Rudy Seanez either just before the season opener or a couple days after. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Phillies made a move just before the April 5 season opener.

“We continue to talk,” Amaro said. “We’ve talked with several teams over the last few weeks, and we’ll continue to do that through Opening Day and probably beyond.”

But it’s clear the Phillies want another right-handed bat for their bench. Both Jenkins and Matt Stairs are left-handed hitting corner outfielders.

“I think it’s a redundancy, and in a perfect world I’d like to have more versatility and give Charlie different types of choices,” Amaro said. “But that doesn’t mean at the end of the day that we won’t have all three of those left-handers on our bench. It may stay as it is. But in a perfect world, we’d like to give Charlie a little bit more balance.”

Amaro said the chances of carrying three catchers (Carlos Ruiz, Chris Coste and Ronny Paulino) are remote. The chances of John Mayberry Jr. (a right-handed power bat they could use) making the team only would seem to happen if the Phillies open the season with 11 pitchers on their roster. I’m not sure that will happen, although the Phillies technically do not need a fifth starter until April 20.


The three catchers could be an option if they feel that Coste is a good option as a righthanded bat off teh bench, but that is remote. A trade is probably a decent option for that bat, but I’d hate to see them give up on Kendrick for a bench player. And any deal for Marson would have to include something pretty substantial in return.
Something’s going to happen though. They apparently don’t want to go into the season with the redundancy offered by Stairs and Jenkins.

SO, TOdd, what are you telling us? It seems as if Coste makes the team as #2 catcher. It seems as if Dobbs, Brunett and either Jenkins or Stairs makes the team (Jenkins if they can’t trade him) so that leaves one place. Have they given up on Cairo and GIles? I assume they want an extra infielder incase Feliz or Utley need to be spotted early with days off. Who do you think gets the nod?

As for the last bullpen spot, isn’t this just a temp job until Romero comes back? Majewski wasn’t very impressive yesterday. Is there anyone with a legit shot?

As much as I love Stairs and appreciate him, he makes the most sense to be traded. He has the smallest salary (1 yr 1M) and is the oldest. If they could unload him for some minor leaguer that would be ideal, then they’d have an open spot on the bench.

Don’t think Stairs gets traded, but rather released after clearing waivers. No one will give anything for him. Junkins, may be moved if someone gets hurt early with another team and they need a vetran OF. If this is the case, and the Phils go with 2 backup infileders (brunlett and Cairo) do they bring up Mayberry?

uh oh. Not a lot of action here. I don’t do facebook or twitter. Does that mean that I’m out of the loop?

No game today. Not much to talk about. But there is a lot of action on Facebook.

I vote…..Keep Stairs. And figure out what to do with Mayberry, so he can stay with the team.

You probably can’t do both (Keep Stairs and Mayberry). The only way I could see it is if they find some way to trade Jenkins. Otherwise, Stairs wil probably be released and then Mayberry becomes an option.

Hi =)

I think Todd pretty much hit the nail on the head here. JA Happ is definitely the favorite, and I personally would rather have Park come out of the pen. He’s a proven reliever (especially with the Dodgers last year.) Aside from that, Happ has proven to pitch well as a starter.

As much as I love both Kyle Kendrick and Lou Marson, if the Phils’ can get something good for them, then they should by all means be traded. Both are expendable in my opinion.

I’m not particularly fond of the Kendrick for Baker deal, mainly because I agree with Amaro. That’s not fair for the Phils’. If they can get a talented prospect (preferably a corner infielder / catcher) than by all means, pull the trigger.

As for Lou Marson. If the Red Sox want to trade Clay Bucholz for Lou Marson, no strings attached, then by all means, pull the trigger! The Red Sox have tons of pitching depth. So much that a guy who threw a no-hitter is sitting in their minor league system. Even if he doesn’t join the rotation right away, Bucholz will give the Phillies depth, and more importantly, allow a trade for Kyle Kendrick.

As for the bench. Man, what a mess, haha. The only locks, in my opinion, should be Coste, Bruntlett, and Dobbs. If Charlie was having as fair a competition as he said he was having, then John Mayberry Jr. (Who is already 25!) can play in the perfect role off the bench, and the Phillies can tote Jenkins / Stairs as their 5th guy. (They should definitely go with 12 relievers. The National League isn’t kind to teams that only carry 11, haha)

Okay, sorry. That was long, lol =D Great work on the blog Todd!

Don’t worry phan52, you’re still very much in the loop. Facebook and Twitter are just other ways to stay connected, but you’ll continue to find the meat and potatoes at The Zo Zone and

Todd, are you ever going to address the inability we have to throw out people stealing against us? it’s not only Pualino’s wild throws, but Coste and Ruiz as well. Are our pitchers not holding runners or are our catchers just that bad at throwing poeple out??

Fanny_in_Jerusalem, that “Junkins” remark is only suitable if you’re a closet Mets fan. Don’t show disrespect for our WS heroes.

Great Todd, now you have other venues where you can pick up hot chicks!!

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